The advantages of wallpaper relative to latex paint

- Mar 10, 2018 -

1, crack prevention

The walls of latex paint will generally have cracking conditions in about two years. Especially in some dry cities in the north. However, it is impossible for the wallpaper to be cracked, unless the wall is cracked.

2, scrub resistance

No matter whether it is a scrub-proof latex paint wall or a wet towel, it cannot be cleaned with a wet towel. Since the wallpaper has a waterproof film on the surface, it can be cleaned after it is dirty. It is very convenient for cleaning.

3, lasting color

Generally, the color of a wall of dark latex paint will change a lot after one or two years, but the wallpaper has strong antioxidant power and the color is not easy to fade.

4, not easy to damage

In general crash, the wallpaper is not easily damaged, unlike the common latex paint wall surface, it is easy to bump. In addition, if there are children at home, the children like to graffiti on the wall, adhesive stickers, wallpaper wall is not afraid. General water-based crayons can be easily removed, and the stickers can be easily peeled off. Even if you accidentally broke the wallpaper, repairing is very easy. Just cut the damaged part of the original wall with a knife, and then put the wallpaper head left over from the decoration, and paste the pieces of the same size on the good pattern. The wall is fine. As long as the operation is carefully done, it is totally invisible after standing and repairing.

5, strong coverage

For walls that are not particularly flat, even small cracked walls have a certain amount of coverage.

6, strong decorative effect

The wallpaper is rich in color and comes with different texture patterns. Its decorative effect is very good. Moreover, the wallpaper is easier to unify the style of decoration, and some wallpapers used in different rooms are generally in the corresponding categories of samples, so that everyone can choose. In addition, wallpapers have thousands of designs and rarely overlap with others' homes, leaving you with one of the most personal homes.

7, easy to replace

If you need to update the wallpaper, simply peel off the corner of the old wallpaper and remove it, and leave the paper base on the wall. If the paper base is firmly bonded to the wall, new wallpaper can be attached directly to it. General business will provide professional construction, a more than 100 square meters of apartments, replaced in half a day, and the replacement wallpaper does not affect living.

8, functional wallpaper is particularly conducive to sleep

For example, popular velvet wallpaper (flocked sound-absorbing wallpaper) has a 3D sense of velvet and feels warm and delicate. It is particularly suitable for the soft environment of a bedroom. When it is harmoniously matched with bedding, curtains, and carpets, it shows its appearance. The visual beauty, softness and warmth are hard to achieve for any kind of wall material. At the same time, due to the unique sound-absorbing effect of velvet wallpaper, the bedroom is quieter and more comfortable. Therefore, consumers have described the flocking sound-absorbing wallpaper as the best for sleeping. The wallpaper is not without its reason!

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