The benefits of wallpaper

- Mar 05, 2018 -

With the development of time tide, more and more family chooses to decorate metope with wallpaper, what reason is prompted everybody to choose wallpaper to decorate metope? That must be a lot of convenience, just choose to paste wallpaper.

The first, natural anti-crack effect. Home metope adornment most will brush emulsioni paint, this kind of emulsioni paint metope normally will appear in two years or so, in the north some dry cities. However, it is impossible for the wall to crack the wall, unless the wall of the wall is cracked and the wall is tearing.

Second, it has the characteristics of scrubbing. No scrubbing resistance of latex paint walls also cannot clean with wet towel, and paper-based vinyl film wallpaper has a waterproof film on the surface, dirty after can also use the detergent, and soft brush to clean, very convenient.

Third, super strong coverage. The wall that is uneven to the wall or have small defect besmirch, even have the metope of small crack has certain cover force, can cover the blemish on the metope completely.

Fourth, persistent color preservation. Normally, brush with the color of wall emulsioni paint in a year or two will be appear the phenomenon such as color change, but now the non-woven wallpaper has strong oxidation resistance, not easy to fade color, lasting bright show.

Fifth, the material is not easy to damage, damage. In general impact or damage, the wallpaper is not easy to be damaged, unlike latex paint walls are easy to peel and damage. In addition, wallpapers are not easily contaminated, even if there are children in the home, do not worry about graffiti pollution. Now some wallpaper products can be wiped off directly, serious, simple replacement is also very easy to operate.

Sixthly, it is easy to replace old and new. If you need to replace the old wallpaper, just peel the old wallpaper off the wall. Simple processing of metope, can update new wallpaper. The overall operation is more labor-saving than the rest of the wall decoration.

Seventh, the adornment effect of wallpaper is stronger. The wallpaper is rich in color, with different texture patterns, the decoration effect is very good. And some brand wallpaper has according to the bedroom, living room, dining-room, children room design different style wallpaper, for everybody to choose.

Finally, the wallpaper has so many advantages, do not choose wallpaper decoration wall, it is difficult to say the reason for refusal.

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