The choice of color, texture and pattern of wallpaper

- Jan 22, 2018 -

The color of the wall paper will create different atmosphere for the room, even can affect the mood of host.

Warm color and bright color have activation effect to the person's mood, appropriate use in dining-room, cool color and brightness low color can make a person concentration, mood is stable, appropriate use in the study.


Depth of color

Light colors make people feel bright, making the room look bigger and taller.

Light colors reflect more light, and make the corridor and face brighter.

White and light color wallpaper used less room in the child's room and furniture, and wallpaper material also can affect the color of light and shade, smooth surfaces of the wallpaper reflect more light, so bright.

Dark colors are used to make the room seem small and intimate.

Because light is absorbed mostly, brunet is commonly used in the study or quiet room.

Dark colors can also be used to mask defects on a building.

For example, the wall is not even, or make the high ceiling appear low, the dark color adds a bit of light color can play the role of balance.


Color heating

Red, yellow, brown, orange and peach are all warm colors, which can create a warm feeling.

Use a social room to make people happy.

Warm colors can also be used in restaurants, especially in the north, where warm colors can warm the room.

Blue, green, lavender and gray are cool colors, cool colors make people feel fresh.

Cool color wallpaper is used in the study and facing south room, make the room that faces sunshine appears cooler.

Purple and blue slants cold tonal, wallpaper decorating is unfavorable use, and not easy to match with other colours for, but with white comparative combination, seems to have good effect, simple and bright, is very suitable for bath or sitting room.


Color creates emotional appeal.

Different colors and color combinations can produce different feelings and emotional appeal, classic dark appears high, bright and lively color is suitable for teenagers, soothing colors used in the master bedroom and study, brown and brown grey is suitable for the sitting room and study.

Suggestions for wallpaper color usage:


How to make the room look bigger:

Use white wallpaper.

Use cool colors like green, blue, and mauve wallpaper.

Floret, small pattern or large flower but have a lot of white design.


How to make the room appear smaller?

Use a dark wallpaper.

Use warm colors such as red, yellow and orange wallpaper.

Large flowers with dark soles.


How to make the ceiling appear taller?

A design with straight stripes, or a feeling of upward support.


How to create a formal and elegant emotional appeal?

Use a traditional formal pattern.

I'll do it in red and mauve.

E. The effect of several colors.

Bright yellow, light green and green will add light and space effect.

Red, yellow or green, not only in the vision is more downy, live in inside feel also comfortable, because they appear bright in the day, and in the evening have warmth, pleasant person's feeling.

Green, will bring natural comfortable and fresh feeling, give a person relaxation calm mood.

Bright yellow, it feels energetic, invigorative.

Dark red, dark green or gold and silver eye-catching jumping color, suitable for entertainment.

The texture pattern of the wallpaper is:

1. Floral wallpaper.

Since the design of the floral pattern that comes from nature is given priority to, can let a person have a kind of warm and intimate feeling, build a comfortable and comfortable living space, accordingly, be used by more family bedroom.

But the rule geometrical pattern printing embossing (or foaming) wallpaper is mainly used for interior ceiling decoration, and lovely cartoon design and ocean world design are the best choice for children's bedrooms.

2. Engineering series wallpaper.

The project series wallpaper is more in the hotel, the hotel and office office decoration, to reflect the whole floor of the integrity.

Recently popular cloth art texture wall paper, with bedroom curtain, bedspread, sand publish match can create the emotional appeal of an organic whole.

3. Cultural brick, culture stone, bamboo and wood series, embossed foaming wallpaper.

Wallpaper of the brunet attune can build an atmosphere of returning most, such as housing in the living room wall decoration, the ornament of the British stove to decorate, tea, bar, coffee shop, restaurant and other public leisure places decoration, all should be the best choice.

4. Belt series wallpaper.

More attractive in order to make the wall surface, using the combination of printing wallpaper and belt wallpaper will not only make wallpaper is clean and pure and fresh feeling, and make metope between visual suddenly become lively rise.

For example, the top of the wall or along the upper part of the wall board and the surrounding area of the fireplace and door frame, it is natural for the wall to make space.

It can also make a dull corner bright.

It can be said that the edge of the belt wallpaper is decorated as the overall decoration of the wallpaper to make the finishing point.

Suggestions for the selection of wallpaper patterns:

1. Vertical stripe pattern increases bedroom height.

Stripe pattern of the wallpaper has a lasting and classical, modernity and tradition and other features, is one of the most successful choice, it can put the color to use the most effective way to spread in the whole metope, simple and elegant, very easy to match with each other design.

The long stripe of slightly wide type is suitable for use in fluent large space, can make originally tall room produces the effect that extends to right and left;

And narrow pattern is used in small room more appropriate, it can make the effect that the shorter room produces upward direction.

2. The large flower pattern reduces the feeling of the bedroom.

Some flower pattern is vivid, the color is strong, the feeling that the distant view really has, this kind of wall paper can reduce the feeling of the room, suit the room that the pattern is more propitious.

Because this kind of design is more exaggerated, so should match Europe classic furniture commonly, the people that likes modern concise furniture had better choose broken flower or contemporary line wallpaper.

3. Small regular pattern adds the bedroom order feeling.

Regular small pattern can provide for the bedroom a neither exaggerate too won't light background, do you like the furniture will be fully revealed its characteristics in front of the background, if this is your first pick wallpaper, choose this type of wall paper is most safe.

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