The Classification And Characteristics of Wallpaper

- Dec 19, 2017 -

  I、The definition and characteristics of wallpaper

  Wall paper, foreign custom is called Wallpaper, English is Wallcoverings or Wallpaper, it is a kind of application quite extensive interior decoration material. Because the wallpaper with colour diversity, design is rich, luxurious air, safe environmental protection, construction is convenient, the price is suitable for the characteristics of a variety of other interior decoration materials can not reach, so in Europe and America, southeast Asia, Japan and other developed countries and regions have considerable popularity. According to the investigation, the penetration rate of interior decoration in Britain, France, Italy, the United States and other countries reached more than 90%, and the penetration rate in Japan was 100%. The form of wall paper is very rich, in order to suit different space, place, different interest hobby, different price level, wallpaper also has a variety of type to choose.

  II、Type of wallpaper

  Paper wallcoverings are printed on special heat-resistant paper with embossed wallpaper. Features: sublight, environmental protection, natural, comfortable and friendly. 2) the surface glue wallpaper (VINYLWALLCOVERINGS) surface as the wallpaper of PVC material .

  (1) the paper glue surface wallpaper (PAPERBACKVINYLWALLCOVERINGS)

  The most widely used products are currently available. Features: various colors, rich patterns, suitable price, short construction period, dirty and scrubbing.

  (2) the bottom of glue wallpaper cloth (FABRICBACKVINYLWALLCOVERINGS) is divided into the bottom of the canvas and non-woven bottom (NONWOVEN)

  (3) TEXTILEWALLCOVERINGS, or textile materials, can be printed or embossed. Features: visual comfort, soft touch, sound absorption, air permeability, agreeableness, elegance and nobility.

  (1) yarn wall cloth: the pattern and color of the yarn or line of different styles; (2) weaver wallpaper: flat weaving surface, jacquard face and non-woven surface; (3) flocking wall cloth: the short fiber is inserted into the paper to produce a fine texture effect.

  (4) metal wallpaper (METALLICWALLCOVERINGS) is a special wallpaper made of aluminum, with gold and silver as the main color system. Features: fireproof, waterproof, gorgeous, noble.

  (5) natural materials wallpaper NATURALMATERIALWALLCOVERINGS) using natural materials such as grass, wood, rattan, bamboo, Ye Cai textile. Features: friendly nature, leisure, comfortable, environmental protection.

  (6) fire wallpaper (RETARDINGVINYLWALLCOVERINGS) with fireproof material, commonly used glass fiber or asbestos fiber textile. Features: excellent fire resistance, waterproof, mildew, often used in airport or public construction.

  (7) special effects (SPECIALEFFECTWALLCOVERINGS) (1) fluorescence wallpaper, wallpaper has a fluorescent agent are added into the ink, shine in the night, often used in the entertainment space; (2) noctilucent wallpaper: use photocopy ink, absorb light energy during the day, glow at night, often used in children's rooms; (3) anti-bacterial wallpaper: it can be used to prevent mold from growing, and is suitable for use in hospitals and wards. (4) sound-absorbing wallpaper: using the sound absorbing material, it can prevent the echo, which is applicable to the theatre country, concert hall and conference center; (5) anti-static wallpaper: for special needs, such as laboratory, etc.


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