The collocation proposal of PVC wallpaper and furniture

- Mar 06, 2018 -

Yellow floor appropriate color with adjacent walls, some families like to use slightly yellow floor, the walls will apply the law of "adjacent color", can be selected and adjacent deep yellow or light yellow, yellow so you can create a warm atmosphere.

Color can affect the visual effect of the person, warm color is to expand color, cool color is contractive color. So, area small room ground should choose dark tonal cool color, or concise and lively floor, make the person produces area to expand the feeling. If choose the warm color floor with thick colour can make the space appears more narrow, increase depressive feeling. In addition, in the choice of color, should be inclined to small grain or straight grain effect, avoid big and disorderly pattern.

If furniture is the main character, space is the same color system. Red wallpaper can restore ancient color leather sofa, green wallpaper suits to have the British leather sofa with nail buckle, purple wallpaper is suitable for whole white skin sofa. The color of the furniture, tea table or side table using a wood or metal in the glass, the sofa has a weight of large area, light color with brunet sofa pillow, and vice versa, contrasting colors or similar colors are available, the focus is on no more than three kinds of colour so as not to produce mixed and disorderly feeling.

The collocation of single color system and similar color department has harmonious feeling, but the space is easy to flow in drab without angry. For example, the wallpaper is light blue, and the sofa is dark blue, while the pillow chooses a contrasting orange or conflicting red or multicolored pattern. It's best to have another pot of green trees. The earth match never fails because it comes from nature. The home is a color sofa, the color that takes a color from cloth to be wallpaper color can.

The contrast color has the beat feeling, the blue, brown, white and other cold color wallpaper of contrast, match up with each other, besides bright, still can produce rhythm sense. The same set of blue sofas makes a difference in the background of white walls or orange walls or yellow walls. Blue and yellow can be mixed with an intermediate color green. Wallpaper and sofa are the collocation of same color department or similar color, can choose contrast color to hold pillow to jump color.

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