The collocation proposal of wallpaper and furniture

- Mar 02, 2018 -

The friend that likes white flooring, suggest use gray white floor. Now many families like to use white floor, want to have halcyon household atmosphere. It is advisable to use a lighter color such as gray, easy to give the feeling of tranquility, also do not cause wall color heavy floor color light "top-heavy".

Yellow floor appropriate color with adjacent walls, some families like to use slightly yellow floor, the walls will apply the law of "adjacent color", can be selected and adjacent deep yellow or light yellow, yellow so you can create a warm atmosphere.

Color can affect the visual effect of the person, warm color is to expand color, cool color is contractive color. So, area small room ground should choose dark tonal cool color, or concise and lively floor, make the person produces area to expand the feeling. If choose the warm color floor with thick colour can make the space appears more narrow, increase depressive feeling. In addition, in the choice of color, should be inclined to small grain or straight grain effect, avoid big and disorderly pattern.

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