The construction step of wallpaper

- Mar 09, 2018 -

Step 1: check the wallpaper. Check whether the type of wallpaper and orders, check whether the batch number of wallpaper are exactly the same, the wallpaper of a room as far as possible with the same batch number, never allow the wallpaper of different batch number posted on the same side wall.

Step 2: measure the wall. Measure the length and height of metope, according to the actual wallpaper paste method and the decorative effect, to determine the amount of customers buy wallpaper is enough.

Step 3: mix sticky rice glue. Gelatine now is sticky rice glue, its allocation is not optional mix, should according to the type of wallpaper, metope absorb water, indoor temperature is appropriate mix. The specific tutorial site has original article!

Step 4: determine the baseline. First in indoor corner by the wallpaper is geared to the needs of the wide width of the row, Yang Angle place should Angle (or plastic Yang Angle), Yin to lap joint Angle, and vertical or horizontal line, according to the plan of framing as a baseline to paste the wallpaper.

Step 5: cut the wallpaper. According to the design and decoration effect, the wallpapers are divided into: not opposite flowers, parallel to flowers (right and left), and misalignment of three kinds. For details, please refer to the rest of the article.

Step 6: brush base film and glue. The thickness of the glue should be based on the type of wallpaper, the thinner of the glue solution, the water absorption of the wall, the height of the indoor temperature, and the glue on the top of the sizing machine. Finally, the glue is facing the glue face, and the edges are folded and folded.

Step 7: paste the wallpaper. This step is more important, so be careful to operate, see the original article of this station!

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