The Development of Wallpaper (II)

- Dec 16, 2017 -

 Throughout the '80s, it was a time of bubbling wallpaper. "Bubble" is also called the network version of relief foaming, refers to the foaming agent is added in the raw materials, supplemented by high temperature in the process of production, make it easier for foaming agent similar "fermentation" process, thus produced can have AoTuGan wallpaper, soft. The advantage of bubble wallpaper: stereo feeling is strong, can increase the space sense of room, but the shortcoming is obvious: not wear-resisting, easy to scrape, easy to be polluted. At present, bubble wallpaper has been phased out gradually, but in some rooms the ceiling can still be seen in use.

  By the late 1980s, with the development of the plastic industry, there was a substitute for foaming wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper does not foaming, so the texture is hard, greatly improved the defect of foaming wallpaper. It is waterproof, moistureproof, durable, delicate printing, embossing, texture can be arbitrary on the wallpaper displaying all sorts of design and decorative pattern, its color expressive force, practical pioneered the development of a new wallpaper. At present, the use of glue surface wallpaper in the world accounts for about 70%.

  At the beginning of the introduction of the glue surface wallpaper, the quality of a good, glossy mercerized wallpaper is popular.

  By the late 1980s, with the changing trend of the home decoration industry, lacklustre matte wallpaper gradually led the trend of decoration. Wallpaper is more and more powerful in the expression and color of the pattern, which is universally recognized and welcomed by consumers.

  In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the cloth felt wallpaper became popular. As humans for casual, comfortable and the strengthening of environmental awareness, green environmental protection, return to natural products gradually accepted, consumer demand for environmental protection, such as non-woven wallpaper, wallpaper will further increase.


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