The early development of wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

As early as the Tang Dynasty in China, someone was drawing on the paper to decorate the wall. In the 19th century century, the British William Molise began to mass-produce printed wallpaper, with the modern sense of the wallpaper. With the change of the Times, the development of wallpaper in the world economic and cultural development, has experienced: paper, paper painting, foam paper, printing paper, embossed paper, special process paper development and change process.

The original wallpaper was drawn on the wall and printed in various patterns. There is a certain psychedelic effect, but also limited to the royal court and other high-level places to do local decorative use. Really large area with other decorative materials to walk into the home life, or in the early 80 AD the late 1970s.

Throughout the 80 's, it was the time when wallpaper was prevalent. "Wallpaper" also known as stencil relief foam, refers to the addition of raw materials in the foaming agent, in the production process supplemented by high temperature, so that the completion of a similar "fermentation" process. Therefore, the production of wallpaper will have a bump feeling, feel soft. This kind of wallpaper has the advantage of three-dimensional strong, can increase the room sense of space.

At the beginning of the adhesive wall paper, the texture of the shiny mercerized wallpaper is widely popular. In the later period, with the trend of the housing decoration industry changing, matte wallpaper (cloth wallpaper) gradually led the trend. The wallpaper is more and more powerful in color and design, and is popular with consumers. The major manufacturers have launched a fierce competition.

By the end of the 80 's, with the development of the plastic industry, there appeared a substitute for the foamed wallpaper------glue wall paper. This kind of wallpaper does not foam, so the texture is hard, greatly improving the foaming wallpaper shortcomings. Waterproof, moisture-proof, durable, printing exquisite, embossed texture is good, can be arbitrary in the wallpaper display a variety of patterns and patterns, its color performance, practicality to create a new page of the development of wallpaper. The use of adhesive wall paper in the world accounted for about 70%.

From the late 1990s to the early 21st century, the cloth-textured wallpaper became popular.

In China, the wallpaper starts late. From 1976 to 1986, wallpaper was mainly used in some upscale hotels and guesthouses.

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