The general advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper

- Jan 24, 2018 -

The wallpaper advantages

Advantages: 1 wallpaper color: when we choose metope paint in the color of metope lacquer, hard to avoid can appear small off color, brush on metope tonal with his original idea is not completely consistent.

And the color of wallpaper is pure forever, because wallpaper from choose and buy to stick to the wall won't change color change, don't worry have chromatic aberration!

Advantage 2: wallpaper health index is relatively high: emulsioni paint mainly by water, base material (emulsion), appearance packing, auxiliary four parts compose.

Many components produce harmful chemicals after long exposure to the air, and they release formaldehyde gas.

The wallpaper generally consists of three parts, the paper base and ink are two parts, and the other part depends on the classification of wallpaper materials.

In terms of composition, wallpaper is far less harmful to the human body than latex paint.

Advantage 3: the service life of wallpaper is long: use the wallpaper with advanced technology, its material is better, the service life is also longer.

Advantages 4: wallpaper construction speed is fast, clean, metope paint will inevitably leave some stain, and difficult to remove, but paste wallpaper, if liquid rubber accidentally spilled into the skirting board or on the window frame, generally we use wet dishcloth or sponge can be cleared soon.

Advantage 5: the wallpaper can build atmosphere: choose and choose the wallpaper that oneself like, with interior decoration style harmonious collocation, can outstanding the integral effect of the room and sweet household atmosphere.

The wallpaper shortcomings

1. The cost is more expensive than the emulsion paint;

2. The wallpaper of the impervious material is easy to be tilted and the wall moisture is large.

3. Some of the wallpaper color fastness is poor, and can not be scrubbed;

4. Low grade, poor quality of materials, poor environmental protection, and pollution to indoor environment;

5. There will be discoloration when the printing process is low, especially where the sunlight often shines;

6. The solid color wallpaper of the color is easy to show seams;

7. The paper pulp wallpapers that are not controlled by shrinkage need to be pasted and pasted, which will show a strip of vertical bars, which will affect the overall visual sense.

(only composite paper wallpaper, English name Duplex wallpaper)

8. A small amount of wallpaper replacement needs to be torn off and reprocessed, which is more troublesome;

9. Construction level and quality are not easy to control;

10. The service life of a small number of wallpapers is short, and should be replaced in a few years.

In short, with the application of wallpaper production technology, processing technology and new materials, the disadvantages of wallpaper will be reduced gradually, and the advantages will be accepted and used by more and more people.

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