The Introduction of Wallpaper Decoration Style

- Jan 10, 2018 -
  1. Modern and simple style walks on the forefront of popular fashion.

    Modern style decoration features: by curves and asymmetric lines, such as pedicel, bud, vines, insect wings and nature all sorts of beautiful, undulating form design, etc., and embodied to walls, railings, window lattice, and furniture and other decorations. Some of the lines are graceful and elegant, some are strong and rhythmic, and the whole three-dimensional form is integrated with the methodical and rhythmic curves. Heavy use of iron components, glass, ceramic tiles and other new processes, as well as iron products, ceramic products and other comprehensive application in the indoor. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, try to bring new ideas to interior decoration art.

2.  The idyllic style is intoxicated in the afternoon.

    European pastoral style: focus on performance of nature, but different field has different         nature, and also spawned a variety of furniture style, Chinese style, European style, and even     the rural amorous feelings of South Asia, each have each characteristic, each have each           beautiful. It is mainly British and French.

3.  The new Chinese style is decorated with nostalgic thoughts.

    Chinese style is relatively free, adornment can be green plant, cloth art, adornment picture,     and the lamps and lanterns of different style. These decorations can have a variety of styles,     but the main decorations in the space are traditional decorations such as Chinese paintings,       palace lanterns and purple sand pottery. These decorations are small in number, but can make       the finishing point in space.

4.  European classical style is distinguished and elegant and elegant.

    European style mainly refers to western classical style. This style emphasizes with luxuriant     adornment, strong colour, exquisite modelling achieves elegant adornment effect.

5.  Mediterranean style

    The refreshing Mediterranean style with blue sea and blue sky has unique aesthetic                 characteristics. Generally choose the subdued color natural, pay attention to the space           collocation on combination design, make full use of every inch of space, integrating               decoration and application, in combination with avoid trivial, look easy, natural, send out       the ancient noble rural breath and culture grade

6.  The style of Japanese style is decorated with clear wine.

    Japanese style space modelling is very concise, furniture furnishings on tea table, wall use       wooden components for wooden sliding door, window pane geometric shapes and fine squares           photograph echo, plain and elegant soft space atmosphere. The adornment that does not add more     often, pay attention to actual function more.


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