The mistake on the wallpaper application

- Jan 25, 2018 -

A, think wallpaper is poisonous, harmful to human body.

This is a false statement.

From the wallpaper production technology, technology and use, PVC resin does not contain lead and benzene and other harmful components, compared with other chemical materials, it can be said that the wallpaper is not toxic;

From the perspective of application, the amount of wallpaper used in developed countries is far greater than that of our country.

Both the technology and the application show that the plastic wallpaper is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

B, think the wallpaper is short.

Don't want to change frequently, afraid of trouble, this is the old and backward concept.

The biggest characteristic of wallpaper is can be updated at any time, often change the atmosphere of living space ceaselessly, often fresh feeling.

If the year can change a small amount of money and time change a bedroom atmosphere, it is a kind of very good god adjust and enjoy.

The family of foreign developed country has one year to change, some one year change twice, Christmas, birthday all wants to change the wallpaper of the home.

C, think the wallpaper is easy to fall off.

Easy shedding is not the problem of the wallpaper itself, but the quality of the process and glue.

The use of wallpaper is not only harmless, but also has three advantages: first, it is easy to update;

Second, it is easy to paste;

Third, the choice is strong.

At present the wallpaper of the market because of its different cost and make craft have different price.

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