The misunderstanding of wallpaper consumption

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Most of the people have to know about the wallpaper and still stay in the early 80's bubble wallpaper, everyone's misunderstanding is too deep, so lost the opportunity to understand the wallpaper and a very good thing. People don't take a look at the building materials city.

Misunderstand 1: wallpaper is an obsolete product.

Correction: this is mainly because of the wallpaper, people will think of the 1980s PVC wallpaper or vertical wallpaper. But over the years, whether the wallpaper material, or the color of the wallpaper has changed a lot, many designers have started to adjust the wallpaper to the elements, the wallpaper presents a new face. Many people don't even look at the wallpaper counter at all and know nothing about the changes in the wallpaper.

Misunderstand 2: wallpaper is toxic and harmful to the human body.

Correction: this is a mistake of the propaganda guidance, look from the current production and process, most of the wallpaper does not contain harmful substances such as lead, benzene, and from the application point of view, the more developed countries to the requirements of environmental protection is more high, and the demand of developed country wallpaper is much higher than our country. So the argument that wallpaper is poisonous doesn't hold water.

Misunderstand 3: stick wallpaper, use time short, dirty is not easy to take care of, time long color is easy to change.

Correction: after a few years of latex paint, it is easy to peel, discolorate, dirty and difficult to clean, the color is also single. And the biggest characteristic is the wallpaper can be updated at any time, changing household atmosphere, the wood fibre and PVC wallpaper wallpaper now very easy to do, dirty a wipe with wet cloth, the color will not change.

Misunderstand 4: wallpaper is easy to fall off, update trouble.

Correction: this is not the problem of the wallpaper itself, but the quality problem of paste technology and glue, and now many wallpapers (pure wood pulp wallpapers) are undamaged and low-rise, simple construction. And new wood fiber wallpaper and some natural material wallpaper can also be installed directly 2 times, do not want to remove the original wallpaper!

Misunderstand 5: the cost of wallpaper is high.

In wallpaper, import wallpaper prices higher than domestic wallpaper, wallpaper natural material price is higher than PVC wallpaper, the price is higher than the spot futures wallpaper wallpaper, wallpaper wallpaper prices higher than a less known and inferior brand of old brand. But no matter which kind of brand manufacturer, will take into consideration the bearing of the market, so choose the wallpaper of cheap and good quality to rely on market investigation and comparison. But the effect that wallpapers can reflect and create is other adornment material is far incomparable, belong to exceed value choice. At the same time because decorate medium metope also is the big head that decorates a company to profit, so also often will wrong inculcate the mistake that gives owner wallpaper price tall.

Misunderstand 6: what material wallpaper is the same.

Wallpapers can be divided into natural materials, synthetic materials, fabric materials, metal materials. The environmental protection and performance of different material are very different, for emulsioni paint can not generalize, to wallpaper is more so. Wallpaper and different materials show different changes, gloss, effect, etc.

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