The notice of clipping wallpaper

- Mar 08, 2018 -
  1. Before cutting the wallpaper, measure again with tape measure, the number of wallpapers required by the room, check whether the wallpaper color and batch are consistent;

  2. If you find that the wallpaper is wrong, or send the wrong goods, contact the seller, make up the wallpaper or replace the goods, etc.

  3. After check no problem, measuring height of metope, wallpaper tailored, in the process of wallpaper tailored, each roll of wallpaper on the first picture need and a wallpaper, after flowers in cutting, cutting wallpaper suggest up to set aside more 10 cm;

  4. After the wallpaper has been cut, the two sides of the wallpaper are cut neatly, and the curved wallpaper is folded to prepare the wallpaper brush. Good wallpaper tailoring work will bring convenience to post - post work!

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