The pattern characteristics of the wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Vertical stripe: Can increase the height of the living room, because of the long pattern design has a vision upward guide the effect, so the height of the room will produce a wrong sentence, very suitable for use in the lower living room.

Long pattern: With long-lasting, classical, modernity and traditional characteristics, and other patterns are very easy to match with each other, and because the long pattern design has a vision to guide the effect of upward, so that the height of the room illusion, very suitable for use in the shorter room.

Large flower pattern: Reduce the sense of restraint, large flower pattern lifelike, strong color, far-viewing feeling. Suitable for the more prosaic structure of the room.

Small pattern of law: small patterns, to add a sense of room order, a small pattern of regular wallpaper can provide a room for both exaggeration and not too dull background, your favorite furniture in this background before fully revealing its characteristics. For people who use wallpaper for the first time, it is most appropriate to choose this wallpaper.

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