The pattern of the wall paper spelling is different to flower and not to flower, what is the construction specific to flower skill?

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Wallpaper spelling a flower is often met the problem in the construction, during the construction of the wallpaper, there are so many old construction master, they are very experienced, yi Chen wallpaper small make up today to resolve with you about the wallpaper, spelling a flower for some construction experience is not very full partners, experienced construction master can skip, will come under the simple explanation:

We talked about that in the previous article.

Wall paper flowers from

, today we talk about is not the distance, we are now, to get down to business first talk about wall paper flowers and flowers is not the difference, this is very easy, a look to the naked eye can distinguish quickly, there is no pattern generally large probability without flowers, meet with big flowers, the flowers will be needed, we need to see samples of each page type on the back of the flower is apart from the distance, also need more details of the operation, such as 1. Met to not spend, we need to move up and down the wallpaper dislocation joining together, until the front after the natural transition consistent with the design of the wallpaper to a wallpaper image;

2. We need positive and negative construction to meet the plain wallpaper, so that we can achieve better results.


Finally we are here to discuss the details of a very important topic, often neglected in the middle of the flowers, that is what is inside a wall paper splicing spelling a flower, or 1 roll of wallpaper and another wallpaper to spend it?

Look to this question is very simple, but many partners made a mistake, flowers to operate so many friends, and at the same time, remove the 2 wall paper cutting volume 1 first, and then cut out the second volume, so that 1 and 2 to joining together, this method is wrong, and design a lot of right, the right way, is to cut out 1 volume then measure good measure, in a clean, on the ground, and then cut in 1 volume, volume 1 after the stitching, followed by 2, such splicing patterns just right, for example, we enjoy all in full bloom version pattern 70112701 13 is such a construction. Hope can help you in the later construction.

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