The perfect match for wallpaper and home

- Mar 12, 2018 -

When we purchase wallpapers, we will first consider the construction, use, and other issues of wallpaper materials, brands, quality, accessories, environmental performance, and so on. In fact, these are all useful after reviewing so much related knowledge. Sexual factors. However, at the very beginning, when we knew nothing about the wallpaper, we decided to buy the wallpaper just by appearance. Although it was “superficial”, but the requirements for wall decoration would be more refined. So how does the wallpaper and furniture style match? How to choose wallpapers from the perspective of how wallpaper and home style match today?

1, choose wallpaper color with stress

There are many colors and patterns on the market, in fact, its color and pattern directly affect the room atmosphere, thus affecting people's emotions and activating people's emotions. The color of wallpaper is divided into cool color and warm color, warm color is mainly red, yellow and orange, and cold color is mainly blue, green and gray. When we choose the color of the wallpaper, we should pay attention to the matching of colors. It means that the wallpaper's color tone matches the furniture, curtains, carpets, and lights. If it is coordinated, the room environment will be harmonious. Because the bedroom, the living room, and the dining room are not the same in their respective uses, it is best to choose different wallpapers in order to achieve a harmonious effect with the furniture.

2, vertical stripe pattern increase room height

If you want your home to be more intellectual and elegant, choose a striped wallpaper. Long-striped pattern wallpaper is one of the most successful choices due to its long-lasting, classical, modern and traditional features. The long strips of design can spread the colors in the most effective way across the entire wall. They are simple and elegant and very easy to match with other patterns. The design of this type of pattern is many, both length and width, so you must choose the pattern that fits your own room size. This is very important. A slightly wider pattern is suitable for use in large, fluid spaces, while a narrower pattern is more appropriate for small rooms.

Because the long-striped pattern design has the effect of guiding the line of sight upwards, it creates an illusion of the height of the room, making it ideal for use in shorter rooms. If your room is already very tall, then choosing a wider bar pattern would be nice, so it can stretch the line of sight right and left.

3, large flower patterns reduce the sense of restraint in the bedroom

In the wallpaper showroom, the brightest dazzling patterns and flowers are the most eye-catching, some flowers are vivid and the colors are strong. From a distance, there is a feeling of exhilaration. According to reports, this kind of wallpaper can reduce the restraint of the room, and is suitable for the pattern is bland. room. As most of these patterns are more exaggerated, they should generally be combined with European classical furniture. People who prefer modern and simple furniture are better off choosing this wallpaper.

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