The Performance of Wallpaper

- Dec 22, 2017 -

    After the wallpaper is a fully understand to grasp the adornment material materials Now household environment is becoming more and more rich themes, walls or even just a wall, skin texture and texture, brought by the use of wallpaper with appropriate furniture and adorn article, can create the atmosphere that gives oneself to like. But the use must pay attention to the coordination, especially in color and design choice and collocation must follow certain principles. Let's take a look at the presentation of the wallpaper, which is slowly discovered by pippi, not quite comprehensive, but basically meets the needs of the average person:

    Traditional plain or monochrome white and monochrome are commonly recommended colors. Because this kind of choice is not wrong commonly, also better collocation, but this kind of choice is generally more suitable for area dispersion or stair side wall, and irregular metope too much room. Such place if use have pattern wallpaper, often because metope is incoherent and centralized, make the design of wallpaper not the best performance.


    Simple impression

Top secret 2012-3-7 haiweichuang wallpaper co., LTD., the sales department of the sales department of the sales department, the young generation finally left the nagging parents. They hope to express themselves with the simplest lines and colors. Actually contracted is not simple, a "covenant" word expresses special feeling! It was this feeling that doomed the wallpaper! Not too many words, no matter what color only need a bit of clarity, can deduct the perfect simplicity. Lessismore translated into Chinese, which means "you can not put it, you can put an absolutely no two". But this is on the basis of high-quality goods, contracted design is not good, easy to become easy to become simple.

    Show extreme strong just like a cup of black coffee, acme of things is not easy to be accepted or appreciated, but strong colour is just like a cup of black coffee will bring you the glory of the personality and the pure feeling! The person who drinks black coffee is not alone, use brunet person also not arrogant, strong zhu gully color can show the unique and discretion of taste. Of course brunet must deserve to go into some high brightness color, otherwise the collocation is not good will produce depressive, how to handle is a kind of aesthetic quality test. Grasp the point: be sure to use contrast. Never use dark colors on all sides of the wall, even if you want to neutralize the furniture. Unless you want a dim effect, it will be more satisfying for you to have three deep +1 or 3 shallow + 1. You may not be able to use it, but deep blue feels very attractive, and a room in your home is very dark, and you'll have an unexpected bonus.

    The fresh bucolic dream can best grasp the natural feeling is the europeans, now the europeans are in the revival of the vine, hemp, bamboo, grass. The popularity of idyllic European style is like the spread of Chinese black walnut, but these two styles can't be compared. Why? You'll see! Grasp the point: fresh garden often USES floret and light green to deduce, in fact only is light color. Such as blue, beige, brown, etc., plus a little flowers or fruits can have a little style, but like rural style must be diligent, plain and neat feeling need some real flowers add vigor.

    Women who love romance without growing up always like pink, because it is a childhood color; The mature woman likes purple, that is the woman forever high! Little do not know, purple is European aristocrat color, who can reject nobility's noble attraction? But pink + purple can deduce the feeling of very to grasp the main points: grey + purple, deep purple, shallow violet, pink + purple, cream-colored, purple is very beautiful, but 99% of men don't like to sleep in purple bedroom, so the problem is how to persuade your spouse. The big purple flower is the new color of Europe this year.

    In the pure sky, we are always looking for our own peach blossom source, so let's create a pure sky. Here must be able to let you forget the annoyance, expression method is the color of the top of the color card, light light to your heart!

Secrets on the 2012-3-7 d and sea wallpaper co., LTD. Sales department thundercloud confidential page 8 to grasp the main points: 2012-3-7 color card at the top of the two light is your optional range, the dark can only serve as the ornament of the very few, and is best with white as the color, so can't go wrong again, also will show more pure. Also pay attention to the grayscale of the color, as far as possible choose the color with low gray, brightness, because dark grey and gray are the damage color of this style.

    The simple texture of the fabric of linen feels warm and friendly, but it is reserved. Wide, heavy furniture suits this style, if use in the study, bedroom more can create quiet and peaceful atmosphere! Grasp the main points: choose the color of mild beige, grey and so on. Use a large number of accessories to foil the effect, dry flowers and bamboo weaving is indispensable.

    Elegant stripe stripe wallpaper is traditional pattern, generous, sedate. Use hind can make the bedroom appears more bright, and vertical bar also can make room taller. To grasp the main points: the best is the color of the pure and fresh quietly elegant, ground and furniture had better the same color, fabric used in the home accessories and avoid excessive bar design, best choice and wallpaper unified color, pattern or a room can appear too too messy! And, of course, classic, Japanese, and don... Style Lin Lin total, only a bit is the most critical, do not copy copy, use the advantage of light and metope condition to avoid the shortcoming of the home, your home must be very characteristic.


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