The production process of PVC wallpaper(I)

- Mar 06, 2018 -
  1. Original paper sending - coating - drying (gelatinization) - cooling a press - plate drying - softening a pressure - cooling - cutting edge - product, inspection - packing - packing - packing - 1 person library.

Foaming wallpaper:

1. Base paper type

A: the original paper is made of multi-layer paper and is easy to fall off after use. B: the width of the original paper is about 565mm, and the base weight (paper weight/square meter) is 100 or 999, and the horizontal flood elongation is not greater than 1.5%. C: during normal production, the tension control of the original paper is controlled within the range of 12-16kgf, and the tension is out of control in the case of paper and paper cutting.

2. coating

Mixing PVC: according to various formulas, complete the mixing process in the blender, and make the liquid PVC paste for coating. Coating is to use a coating knife to evenly spread the paste on the surface of the original paper.

Paint formulation:

A: paste is mainly composed of PVC, DOP plasticizer (), calcium carbonate (as filling agent to increase hardness), adding suitable amount of stabilizer (protection of plasticizing reaction balance, oxidation resistance, can guarantee to 10 years to avoid the yellow), titanium dioxide (cover), viscosity agent (paste fluidity in solving production of tar). The composition proportion is as follows: assume that the PVC is IOOPHR, then DOP is 60PHR, calcium salt is 75PHR, titanium dioxide is 15-18phr, the stabilizer is 3PHR, and the viscosity reducer is 10-20phr. If you need to produce foaming wallpaper, you need to add a foaming agent 1-3phr; To produce flame retardant wallpaper, add flame retardant 10-15phr. In addition, according to different requirements of the product, add whitening agent, antioxidant and other components.

B: PVC powder, DOP and calcium carbonate are the main parts of the raw materials. Because the above three kinds of raw materials are transparent, it is necessary to add titanium white powder to create a white background color, which can be used as a covering effect. The stabilizer can make the gelatinization process slow, and the viscosity reducer can be adjusted!

Paste viscosity. C: the raw materials used must be inspected, qualified or approved by the relevant supervisor. D: all raw materials should be stored in a fixed position, and the corresponding labeling should be done. The viscosity of the paste should be measured in the 8mm diameter measuring cup in production, and the time should be controlled at about 8-25s。

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