The proud interpretation of a red shock

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Chinese red is the link of cultural tradition, let the colour collocation of household design is tie-in to catch a hint of profound happiness.

The color of red has strong penetrating power and appeal, and its color is very attractive.

A warm bright red,

Like a flaming fire,

The loneliness of a solitary life with a warm iron.

With the light of life,

The attitude of caper shows strong color impact and fashion allure.


Clever ideas make amazing effect, and jing is often an excellent, attractive and seductive colors life by color to deduce our life through dozens of summer and winter and spring and autumn period, for the bedroom and adding the highlight of the color of life.


Inspired by the traditional Chinese elements, "Chinese style" is inspired by the profound and profound Chinese culture.


The designer cleverly USES the color of red to create a stunning and elegant color.


"Nova" is an innovative design of Damascus, providing an infinite imagination and supporting some simple lines.


It retains the American retro feeling and reflects the characteristics of modern household environment.

Classical red is transformed into a fashion symbol with graffiti elements. The colorful combination of colors stimulates the retina of the people, which is both beautiful and delicate and natural.


Full of surprise and vitality, "steatian" is bright and vivid, the light of color reveals the colorful atmosphere, let the fiery red make public angry to be fully released.

Mixing pattern, creating new color, the design idea that makes strange combination is revealed, brand-new appearance is able to adapt to concise and lively modern household space more.


"Dutch master · Hans" nostalgic tulips, colorful garlands, with grey, deep red, champagne color, highlighting luxury quality.


And the surface mechanism of natural oil painting brush stroke, make the wall paper with real oil painting sense, have cultural connotation very much.

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