The service life of wall cloth, seamless wall cloth can be used a few years big analytic?

- Feb 24, 2018 -

Because the continuous wall paper and wall cloth is decorate a lot of friends, they have the different process and the selection of different colors, also did not decorate the wall coverings or the owners of the wall cloth, they are very tangle, put up a few years will become warped edge, will be off, and so on, for these problems are very able to understand, below the yi Chen wall coverings,.ltd home small make up your resolution:


In this I need to tell me the first seamless wall cloth is made by what process, wall cloth is a new upgrade product after wall coverings, mainly cotton, linen, wool, silk, wire and other natural textile fiber cloth as raw material, adopting the high-tech nano technology for processing, textile cloth without changing textile feel is, on the basis of performance increase mouldproof, antibacterial function. At the same time with dust, oil etc, is relatively easy to do, some friends will ask, have so many strict process and function, and seamless wall cloth can generally use a few years?

Here to tell you that he can use for 15 to 20 years or even longer, if metope need to be strict in the process of construction of moistureproof waterproof processing, need to brush good basement membrane, and then use the high sticky glutinous rice glue for construction. This might achieve better use of time.


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