The six benefits of applying PVC wallpaper brush base film

- Jun 14, 2018 -

The base film is an important material for wall surface treatment when the wallpaper is used. The base film can be selected and the base film can be used to allow the wall surface to meet the standard of wallpaper construction. Only after the wall can be effectively prevented from various problems, can the wallpaper be extended. Service life.

1. 6 reasons why you must use base film for wallpapering

The base film is used as a wall surface treatment material, and it mainly functions as a waterproof, moisture-proof, leveling, reinforcement, and protection of a wall surface. According to the different characteristics of the ground wall, targeted selection of base film products will effectively extend the use of wallpaper, to provide protection for the effect of wallpaper on the wall. There are six reasons to describe the necessity of using a base film to treat a wall surface before wallpapering.

One reason: anti-mildew, anti-humid

The main cause of mildew in wallpaper is due to the long-term treatment of the wallpaper in a humid environment. By painting the base film on the wall surface, an effective protective film is formed on the wall surface, so that the water inside the wall does not penetrate into the wallpaper coating layer, and the possibility of mildew in the wallpaper is reduced.

Reason two: Isolate the wall containing alkalis

At present, the domestic putty powder has a relatively high pH, and is generally alkaline. When wallpaper is directly applied to a wall with high alkalinity, wallpaper discoloration and the like may occur within a period of time after the wallpaper is attached. This phenomenon is commonly called “burning paper”. If alkali-resistant base film is used, the wall pH will be effectively reduced and a protective film will be formed on the wall to effectively isolate the alkali content of the wall.

Reason 3: Curing the wall to prevent wallpaper from falling off

Because most of the surface of the wall is rough and uneven, and the surface is easy to drop powder, if the wallpaper is glued directly on the wallpaper, the adhesive force of the wallpaper glue will not be enough, which will reduce the effect of the wallpaper and the wallpaper will fall off easily. After using the base film, one is to make the wall flat, solidified, not powder, the second is the base film surface has a certain degree of adhesion, so that the wallpaper is not easy to fall off.

Reason 4: Covering the stains Landscaping the wall surface

During the renovation process, a large amount of dust, sewage, etc. will be generated, which will easily cause minor stains on the walls. After the base film is used, a white film is formed on the wall surface to cover all the stains. After the wallpaper is applied, the stain will not appear on the wall surface.

Reason 5: Protect the wall for easy construction

After the base film is used, the wall surface is solidified and the wall surface is more even. When the wallpaper is applied, the wall surface is flat and the wallpaper is convenient for moving the flowers. When the old wall is dismantled, the wall will not be damaged and the wall will always be in good condition. When the wallpaper is replaced with new wallpaper, it can be directly constructed without re-treating the wall.

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