The style of the wallpaper

- Nov 24, 2017 -

New Classical Style

The combination of classical and modern, it originates from classical, take its likeness! Under the traditional aesthetic norms, the use of modern materials and crafts, to deduce the classic essence of traditional culture, it not only has elegant, special Zhuang temperament, and has obvious characteristics of the times! Wallpaper selection elements: Noble, luxurious, comfortable.

Modern avant-garde style

More prominent than the simple ego, publicity personality, no conventional space knot agency, bold contrast strong color arrangement, as well as the selection of rigid and flexible combination, to mix the method from the cold to seek a surreal balance, wallpaper selection elements: Trendy, stylish, personality.

American country Style

American countryside attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life and shows the rustic flavor, which abandons the tedious and luxurious. Both the classical graceful form and the neo-classicism complete function. The American rustic style furniture color is mainly natural color, the overall color of the room is green, the Earth Brown is common, especially in Metope color choice, natural, nostalgic, exudes the rustic flavor color is the typical characteristic of American country style, the wallpaper chooses the pure pulp texture more, and will combine the outstanding elements of different styles, Emphasize the return to nature, whether it is heavy furniture, or with years of vicissitudes of accessories, are to show people the comfort and freedom of life. Wallpaper selection elements: nature, color, paper.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean people love the free and unrestrained nature, in the living environment in order to space spacious design and visual penetration of the color. Using arches, windows, and hollow walls to create a sense of visual penetration, and let the space have an extension of the effect, the Spanish blue coast and white sandy beaches, the Greek white village, south Italy's Sunflower flower fields flowing in the sun Golden, the French Southern lavender fragrance of the blue and purple, North Africa's unique desert and crush Stone, All the elements are molded into the Mediterranean dream. Wallpaper selection elements: Crisp, romantic, light system.

European Classical Style

Elegant Ancient style: fiber-induced medieval style, the rich Renaissance style, romantic Baroque style, the feminine rococo style! Crystal Palace lights Hua Guang, exquisite carving workmanship, intricate floral modelling beautiful, gorgeous wallpaper natural, no interpretation of luxury, exquisite! European classical fearless time and space change, fascinating. Wallpaper selection elements: Exquisite, gorgeous, European elements.

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