The use of wallpaper

- Jan 25, 2018 -

How to use the wallpaper?

As people more and more high to the requirement of household environment, beautiful green wallpaper into. Also there are young people in the most loved, and so on the choice of wall paper will pay attention to the style and color design wallpaper, be supplemented by home environment as a reference, combine with their own household structure, style, integral colour, lighting and other factors to choose and buy, in this way can make the wallpaper play out the biggest adornment effect.

So how do you choose the right wallpaper?

How do you use the wallpaper?

Wallpaper selection:

1. The wallpaper of buy and buy starts from the living room first: because the sitting room is the place that receives relatives and friends, must highlight atmosphere, the effect of grade.

The living room wall paper is combined with curtain, floor, door, furniture and so on.

The space is bigger can choose vertical stripe wall paper, the space is smaller can use horizontal stripe wallpaper, this can give the visual effect that can give a person small and appropriate.

After reaching the requirement, choose pattern, colour shoulds not be too multifarious, may be just as soon feel good-looking, but over time will feel boring, so choose the simple but elegant and atmospheric wallpaper.

2. Next should buy TV wall wallpaper, TV wall wallpaper should choose the color that is deep in metope, can choose according to individual preference and living room big wall paper to choose and buy.

If modelling is complex, area is not big, suggest choose the design with small pattern, this is easy to show the effect of flower type.

3. The final choice a good sitting room wall paper to buy bedroom wallpaper, choose the bedroom should be combined with some of the sitting room is tonal, cannot let two rooms appear too big contrast, should stress the theme of the sweet, comfortable bedroom.

People work and learn to go home for a day, hoping to get a good night's sleep, not because of the wallpaper.

Many customers feel that the background of the bed is not the same as the big face and the background will look better.

However, this is determined by the size of the housing space. If the bedroom is full of wallpaper, the bedroom can choose to make a bed background.

The bedroom is small suggest not to do a bed background, the wall paper effect that is full paste will be better.

The bedroom wall paper of choose and buy chooses not to choose too flowery, should choose the wallpaper of simple and elegant warmth more.

Easy to get into:

The thicker the wallpaper, the better?

Answer: actually this statement is wrong, buy the wall paper to do not only see thick and thin, mainly see the paper work whether the work is fine, feel comfortable.

2. After finishing the wallpaper, the taste is too great.

A: this is the practice of many customers, but it is not good, most of the wallpaper is using glue paste up, immediately ventilation can accelerate the speed of solidification of glue, thus greatly weakened the glue viscosity, easy to become warped edge, such as problems soon, normal should be such as glue to dry naturally.

3. Why does the wallpaper brush the base film?

Answer: the base film is to protect the wall paper change time convenient a kind of auxiliary material, and can make moistureproof, prevent mildew, infiltrate metope to fill the function such as fine seam!

4.PVC material wallpaper is not green?

Answer: PVC material wall paper is not to be careless to say not environmental protection, just relative to nonwoven, pure paper material environmental protection coefficient is relatively low, but it does not damage to human body health.

So the home outfit chooses PVC material wall paper to have little effect.

Wallpaper maintenance:

1. During the construction, the air relative humidity should be selected below 85%, and the temperature will not change during the period of drastic change, so as to avoid the construction on the damp wall.

2. During construction, doors and Windows should be opened during the day to maintain ventilation;

Close doors and Windows at night to prevent moisture from entering.

The wall paper that just affixed metope, prevent strong wind to blow, this can affect its adhesion fastness and surface project.

3. When sticking to the adhesive solution when the wallpaper is pasted, clean the towel with a clean towel at any time, especially the glue mark at the seam, so as to clean it in time.

The builders will keep the hands and tools clean and clean with soapy water or detergent.

4. The foaming wall cloth is easy to accumulate ash, affecting the appearance and neatness, cleaning every 3-6 months.

Use a vacuum cleaner or brush dipped in clean water and be careful not to infiltrate the seams.

Pay attention to prevent hard object impact and friction wall.

After a certain number of time, to the seam crack, should be repaired in time, cannot let its development!

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