The wall paper is mildewed to get rid of the heart

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Many families are in the bedroom, the sitting room is put up wallpaper, not only beautiful still can match integral household style.

But relative to the ceramic tile, wall paper with poor water resistance, once the indoor damp moldy may happen, but the material of wall paper cause its not suitable for water scrubbing, and the need to do to remove the mould?


When the wall already has mildew spot, can use the old toothbrush to brush the mildew to remove, then use soft cloth dip in the alcohol gently wipe, make the wall dry, prevent mold to breed.


Second, can use bleaching powder and water, mixed with a certain proportion to pour into spray bottle, spray on the wall paper of mould, can solve the wall mould problem immediately.

Wipe metope with dishcloth, wash with clean water again, after metope is dry, brush against mildewy paint, can keep moistureproof for a long time.

In addition, there is also a kind of household convenience waterproof repair agent, just like the insecticide to the leakage wall surface of the cracks to spray, the operation is very convenient.

In a less severe mold, use 80% alcohol to wash the walls.

When cleaning, pay attention to ventilation and wear protective gloves, masks and glasses.

In order to avoid the recurrence of mould, the wall should be completely dry, the cause of mould and proper heating and ventilation should be eliminated.

Try to keep Windows open during wet weather.

In addition, as far as possible to make the wall dry, in wet weather can use the wet machine, air conditioning machine, fan, absorb the moisture on the wall.

Once the wall or home has water vapor appear, should immediately use dry dishcloth to erase.

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