The wallpaper collocation technique has what to buy 3 big attention matters

- Jan 29, 2018 -

As a kind of adornment beautification bedroom to the commonly used material, it is different from emulsioni paint, but with more texture and color, also have qualitative feeling more, touch your soft, cold walls more than sweet feeling, in the modern decoration, sitting room, bedroom, children room is commonly used to wall paper, but when use must pay attention to coordination, especially in the selection and collocation of colour and design must follow certain principles, below small make up to introduce what are the wallpaper collocation skill, hope the choose and buy of provide some help to you.


What are the wallpaper matching skills?

Room light.

Correlation actually wallpaper to choose what kind of color and brightness of the bedroom is very big, generally speaking, south or north room light is enough, even some consigned to hurry, wallpaper proposal chooses the shallow blue, shallow green, such as cold tonal, of quietly elegant, of course, the lack of room for illumination, should be given priority to with warm color, for example, milk yellow, light orange, light coffee color, etc.

2. Room area.

For small bedroom, in order to make the line of sight more wide, the proposal chooses grain smaller wallpaper, bland room for some pattern, is recommended to choose flower pattern is clear, strong color wallpaper, can effectively reduce the cabined feeling of the room, let a person place oneself in the flowers, if can match again on European classical furniture, believe that the overall effect is better.

Room space.

If wanted to appear high some bedroom, bar is a suggested alternative type of wallpaper, it will with the most clever way of distribution in the whole metope, and looks simple and elegant, match very easily with other design, of course, if the room was tall, then can choose wide pattern, will make its produce around to extension effect, visual balance.


The wall paper chooses 3 big attentions.

1. Test the wear resistance.

Whether the resistance to friction and dirty is one that cannot be ignored, when buy, can use a few pen, a pencil on paper and then use the eraser, in general, high-grade high-quality wallpaper, even if the surface is concave and convex texture, is easy to clean, but if it is inferior wall paper, it is easy to rub or wipe clean.

2. Look at the colors

In general, the more the colour of this kind of product is pure, show the elegant, time limit that the shop is stuck is lasting, nature also more classic, not to produce visual fatigue, of course, each room should be according to the function different, choose the corresponding design and color and color, and then choose big or small according to the budget, so the overall effect is better.

3. Touch and toughness.

Most users think the paper is as thick as possible, this is actually a cognitive error, it mainly paper quality, process and toughness, and there is no direct relationship between the thickness, identify with his hand, basically see feel and toughness, feel is more soft and comfortable, prove that the better the quality, the more flexibility.

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