The wallpaper Techniques of choose and buy

- Jan 24, 2018 -

1. Touch the wall paper with the hand, the thickness of the paper should be consistent, and the products with good feeling and concave feel are selected;

2. PVC plastic.

The color variety is rich, scrubbing, mildew resistant, anti-aging, not easy to fade, the price is moderate;

3. The wallpaper should have no pungent odor. If it has peculiar smell, it is likely to be high in volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride.

4. Pure paper.

No smell, good environmental protection, good air permeability and moisture resistance;

Poor folding and non-scrubbing, generally used in children's rooms;

5. Check whether the surface has color difference, wrinkles, blister, whether the flower case is clear and uniform, and should choose the wallpaper with smooth finish and soft coordination;

6. Fabric fiber.

Easy to fade, anti - fold, anti - mildew, flame retardant, sound absorption, no smell, good air permeability, water wipe;

7. The amount of wallpaper used in different textures and colors is also different. Consider the loss problem and buy more for repair.

8. Plant fiber.

Good quality, non-toxic and tasteless, moisture absorption, good air quality, scrubbing, high price;

9. The number and batch number of the wallpaper shall be the same. Some Numbers are the same but the production date is different, and the color difference may affect the effect;


Good resistance and elegant effect, generally used as a small part of special effect;

11. Want a wallpaper sample, wipe the surface with a damp cloth to see if it is fading.

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