The wallpaper to choose

- Jan 25, 2018 -

It is the highest level of wallpaper decoration, and you should be careful if guests like "your wallpaper is really beautiful".

Because wallpaper adornment contains color, design, quality of the character such as quality, after all it is a scene only, a "your wallpaper is really beautiful" may be said that the wallpaper and the environment are not harmonious.

Therefore, the overall unified design is very important.

When deciding the style of wallpaper, should consider ground material, furniture, adorn article and the synchronous arrangement of lamplight.

Apart from the special effect such as size, generally speaking, the color of the wallpaper is more pure, the more elegant, the more durable, and the more classic, not to produce visual fatigue.

Design choice

One, vertical stripe pattern increases bedroom height, long stripe pattern wallpaper has all sorts of characteristic such as permanent sex, classical sex, modernity and tradition, it is one of the most successful choice.

Long strip design can spread the color in the most effective way on the whole metope, and simple and elegant, very easy to match with other design.

The design of this kind of pattern is a lot of, long and wide the size is both, so you must choose the design that suits your room size.

This is quite important.

Because long stripe pattern design has the effect that the line of view is directed upwards, can produce illusion to the height of the room, very suitable for use in shorter room.

If your room is already high, it's good to choose a long, wide pattern, because it can extend your gaze to the left and right.

Second, the big flower design to reduce the bedroom cabined feeling, in the exhibition hall on the wallpaper, the most eye-catching bright dazzling design and flower, some flower pattern is clear, strong color, distance really have the feeling of be vividly portrayed, according to introducing, this wallpaper can reduce the cabined feeling of the room, is suitable for the room pattern is more prosaic.

Because this kind of design is more exaggerated, so should match European classical furniture commonly.

People who like modern simple furniture should not choose this kind of wallpaper.

Three bedroom order, small regular pattern, regular small design wallpaper can provide for the bedroom a neither exaggerate too won't light background, your favorite furniture can fully show its characteristics before the background.

If you choose wallpaper for the first time, choose this wallpaper to be the safest.

Choose wallpaper should consider the area of the bedroom, space dimensions, the direction of the room and so on.

In principle, the wallpaper applies to any room decoration, from the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen, can find suitable wallpaper.

Second, the advantage of wallpaper is to decorate a room with different wallpaper, it is easy to distinguish which is bedroom, which is children room.

According to the environmental comfort some people want to psychology, it is best not to select the texture, design is too bold, wallpaper, the scale of the design should also be appropriate, if graphic design is too large will cause "nearly forced" feeling on the vision.

From the color say, the north back Yang room unfavorable use the cool color such as blue, violet, and apply the warm color wallpaper of yellow, red or brown, lest winter colour feels too cold.

And the room of chaoyang, can choose the gray of slant cold to adjust wallpaper, but unfavorable use sky blue, lake blue this kind of winter looks uncomfortable color.

The living room should choose the wallpaper of fresh and elegant color;

The restaurant should use orange wallpaper;

The bedroom according to individual be fond of, an: red wallpaper can create excitement, and blue, green wait for cool color wallpaper is beneficial to relax, the yellow wallpaper is the best choice to build sweet romance.

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