The wallpapers we have misunderstood in those years

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Misconception 1: Wallpaper is an outdated product

Wallpaper is an outdated product. This is mainly because when people lift up the wallpaper, people's minds will come up with the big patterns that filled the market in previous years, and the colors are very beautiful designs. However, these people's consumption concepts and aesthetics have undergone great Change, wallpaper is also presented in front of everyone with a new look.

Misconception 2: Wallpaper is poisonous and harmful to human body

The wallpaper is poisonous and harmful to the human body. This is a false propaganda orientation. Judging from current production and technology, most wallpapers do not contain harmful components such as lead and benzene, and from an application point of view, the more developed countries, the higher the demand for environmental protection, while the amount of wallpaper used in developed countries is far more Exceeding ours, the argument that wallpaper is poisonous is unscientific.

Misunderstood three: wallpaper, use a short time, dirty, easy to fade, fade

With wallpaper, the use of time is short, dirty and difficult to take care of, the time is too long, the color is also prone to change, this is the old concept and the gap, the wallpaper life is basically the same as the latex paint, latex paint use a few years later, prone to happen Peeling, discoloration, dirty, difficult to clean, the color is also very simple, and the biggest feature of the wallpaper is that it can be updated at any time, constantly changing the atmosphere of the home space, if replaced once in a few years, spend less money and time, change the bedroom The environment is undoubtedly an enjoyment, and now wallpapers, especially fiber wallpapers, are very easy to take care of, dirty and clean with a damp cloth, and the color will not change.

Misconception 4: Wallpaper is easy to fall off, update trouble

The wallpaper is easy to fall off and it is troublesome to update. This is not a problem of the wallpaper itself. This is a problem of the paste process and the quality of the glue. Now that many wallpapers are left uncovered, they do not damage the underlying layer and can be directly re-paste. The construction is simple and odorless. After the paint has been repainted, it will have a long-lasting irritating odor and people cannot move in immediately.

Misunderstanding 5: High wallpaper cost

The cost of the wallpaper is high, and more than one investment will certainly be more than a harvest. The effect level that the wallpaper can reflect and create is far beyond other materials. Therefore, from the perspective of input and output, it is a choice of value for money.

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