Tips for Wallpaper

- Jan 08, 2018 -

    Wallpaper pattern directly affects the space atmosphere, the big flower design reduces the bedroom constraint feeling. Some flower pattern is clear, strong color, is really have the feeling of be vividly portrayed, this wallpaper can decrease the cabined feeling of the room, let a person place oneself in the flowers, the eyeful pleasantly surprised, is suitable for the room use pattern is more prosaic. In general, this wallpaper should match the European classical furniture (such as coffee, color of spades), enchanting can pressure big flower pattern, also can add a bright color in the deep of classical. If choose the people that is modern contracted furniture better not choose this kind of wallpaper.

    Area small or light dark room, appropriate chooses the wallpaper of small design. Small regular pattern add bedroom order feeling. Regular small pattern can provide for the bedroom a neither exaggerate too won't light background, can try tonal lighter class wallpaper vertical and horizontal intersection of grid, all attributed to order, can also extend the space.

    The wallpaper of flower pattern is suitable for the room, furniture is concise and more sufficient light too trifling decorations collocation can make the room look cluttered, which is why a lot of people reflect, small broken flower wallpaper on the wall he felt. Vertical stripe pattern wallpaper can increase bedroom height. Stripe pattern of the wallpaper has a lasting and classical, modernity and tradition and other features, is one of the most successful choice, it can put the color to use the most effective way to spread in the whole metope, simple and elegant, very easy to match with each other design.


    Some people say that wallpaper is good or bad, but it's not. The quality of wallpaper is mainly related to paper, process and patience. When choosing, should touch the wallpaper carefully to feel, domestic wallpaper is usually hand feeling soft resistance is strong this is a good product; And the wallpaper of foreign imports is more compact because of its density, relative to domestic wallpaper is more compact.

   Generally speaking, the wallpaper chooses cold tone or warm color, it is closely related to the light of the room. South or east room light is enough, even a little bit bright feeling, wallpaper appropriate chooses the shallow blue, green and other cold of quietly elegant tonal, if the light is very good, the color of the wallpaper can increase appropriately in an integrated light intensity, so as to avoid the wallpaper under strong light mapping. In addition, unfavorable large area USES the wallpaper with anti-dot or reflective pattern, if use too much, will be like in metope installed a lot of small lens, let a person feel shake. North or insufficient light room, wallpaper should be given priority to with warm color, such as milk yellow, light orange, light coffee color, or choose tonal and lively wallpaper, so as to avoid excessive emphasize massiness brunet department, make the person produces depressive feeling.

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