Traditional wallpaper sales have three disadvantages

- Mar 09, 2018 -

Wallpaper industry needs the input of fresh blood, can be in the future changeable market, occupy advantageous position, the person of wallpaper industry will share more cake, obtain more wealth. So why does the wallpaper industry need fresh blood?

  1. The transaction cost is too high. The heavy version of the selection of the store, for the new retail era of customers, would rather not buy, will not be cumbersome to go to the store for the heavy version of the selection of wallpaper. Clinch a deal the time cost is too high, simple, for example, one day reception of clients, clinch a deal a customer spends much time, in other words, a customer spend much time to choose the desired wallpaper. It is clear to everyone that this backwardness of sales model is clearly not applicable to this new era dominated by fast food culture. A size slightly larger shops, at least have to hire five to six assistants to cope purchase customers, the high cost of choose and employ persons, clinch a deal the time long, long enough to clinch a deal, making less and less profit. The transaction cost of continuous investment, the profit is very little, after paying the cost, the shop won very little profit, even a lot of losses.

  2. The transaction area is limited. Traditional wallpaper sales model, sales of an entity is given priority to, with two acres of three points, radiation range within a few hundred meters, the real stable customer resources is extremely limited, is old customers constantly changing wallpaper, all the year round on the store to buy wallpaper, allowing you to profit, please, wake up. The customer source is too stable, new source is very few, the customer that buys is old customer mostly, or the old client turns introduction. It is difficult to develop new customers, and the future development of a physical store is a new and growing customer resource. Once this is not possible, for a wallpaper shop want to long-term development, the single way to get customers is extremely unfavorable to the development, will eventually because of too little shop customers, to shut down.

  3. Transaction platform is single. Transaction platform diversification, in the new era is widely recognized. Countless businesses have started to sell their products on multiple platforms, and the more platforms they have, the wider the channels for profit. Traditional wallpaper sales are based on physical stores, an area of numerous physical stores, numerous single physical stores grab the limited wallpaper market. Stores a single platform sales is there are many disadvantages in the grab market, especially the point is: in market competition, the entity shop competition kill each other in the same area, strength low physical stores bear "great wealth" type of entity. However, the physical stores that have been dragged out of the wallpaper market will not be able to make more profit. In the final analysis, it is the single cause of the platform, and multi-platform sales can break the time limit, the whole domain and avoid some vicious competition.

The new retail era has come, the traditional model has encountered unprecedented challenges, and the traditional unchanging is largely drowned out by the tide of The Times. Therefore, the wallpaper industry can not use static braking, sitting idle, breaking the traditional sales model is imperative. Wallpaper employed people must from the thinking, abandon the disadvantages of traditional sales mode, innovative marketing thinking, from a single entity reform into multi-channel sales, choose the wallpaper of online and offline sales model, easy to buy and sell wallpaper, solve the problem of stores don't make money on root!

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