Types of Wallpapers

- Jan 13, 2018 -

(1) PVC wallpaper.

Its surface mainly USES PVC resin, mainly has the following three kinds: A, the common type, with 80g/ square meter paper as the paper base, the surface coating 100g/ m2 PVC resin. The surface decoration method is usually a combination of printing, embossing or printing and embossing. B. Foaming type, with 100g/ square meters of paper as paper base, coated with 300-400g/ m2 PVC resin. According to the foaming ratio of the size, there are also low foaming and high foaming separation. The high foaming wall paper surface is full of elastic concave and convex pattern, with certain sound absorption effect. C, functional type, among which the waterproof wallpaper is made of glass fiber cloth, which can be used to decorate the wall of the bathroom and bathroom; Fireproof wallpaper USES 100-200g/ m2 asbestos paper as the base material, and the flame retardant is added to the PVC surface.

(2) pure paper wallpaper.

There are two kinds of pure paper wallpapers: A, original wood pulp paper with raw wood pulp as raw material, by pulping and forming, surface printing. This kind of wall paper is relatively resilient, the surface is relatively smooth, the proportion of single flat rice is relatively heavy. B. Recycled paper is made of recyclable materials, which are made of slurry, filtration and purification. The paper has relatively weak toughness, and the surface is mostly foamed or semi-foamed. The proportion of the individual rice is relatively light.

(3) non-woven wallpaper.

Also called cloth pulp fiber or wood pulp fiber, is currently the most popular new green environmental protection wall paper material. A kind of wallpaper made of natural plant fibers such as cotton and hemp. Contains no polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine, and only produces carbon dioxide and water when burned, and the strong black smoke and pungent odour produced when no chemical element burns. Visual effects and soft feel, good air permeability! This kind of wallpaper the bottom of the table, no paper base, adopting advanced technology of printing color directly, more abundant than fabric surface wallpaper images, is a classic decorative pattern of elegant and simple fashion the perfect combination of modern design style. Non-woven fabric wallpaper because the use of natural materials, may have gradual color difference, is a normal phenomenon, not product quality problems.

(4) fabric wall paper.

Its surface to choose cloth, chemical fiber, linen, silk, silk, silk, satin, or mat for raw materials such as fabric, visual and feel soft, comfortable, have elegant feeling, some silk, silk due to its fiber reflective effect and is very beautiful, but the price of this kind of wallpaper is more expensive.

(5) diatomite wallpaper.

Diatomite is by grow the remains of plants in the sea, lake formed by the one million change, its table face numerous pores, with unique dampness, moisture, breathable, mouldproof, deodorization effect, because of its physical oxygen adsorption and decomposition, and can effectively remove free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia in the air for smelly, harmful material such as VOC, and pets, smoking and living garbage produced by the peculiar smell.

(6) natural materials, such as grass, hemp, wood, leaves and other natural materials, are dried and pressed on the paper base, which has a rich flavor of the countryside and is naturally simple. But the durability, the fireproof sex is bad, should not be used for the occasion of large crowd.

(7) cloth base paper.

The wall cloth referred to here refers to the American fabric paper. Its surface layer is made of high strength resin, which has the characteristics of scrubbing, anti-friction, flame retardant and waterproof. The bottom layer is dominated by grid cloth or non-woven fabric. Suitable for high-end hotels, apartments, villas, private clubs and other public areas, such as aisle, lobby, toilet, etc.


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