wall coverings promotion and the latest analytical wall coverings and wall cloth which good?

- Feb 24, 2018 -

Because recent wall coverings shop is busy, have been editing the new version of design and color, the market has long been a wall coverings factory sales promotion activity is very less, because the factory price is quite cheap, main walk, not as traders entities shop price is higher, of course, one in the face of the terminal, a face, is not good to compare.


Which good wall paper and wall cloth, the problem in the previous articles we have talked about, decomposition again here, first of all, the wall coverings is mostly need to joining together, of course, there are seamless wall coverings but the price is high, and there is no wall cloth technology, he has the non-woven, PVC, long fiber silk, flocking, etc. Seamless wall cloth don't need to joining together, however, he has the embroidery, high precision, non-woven brocade, silk and so on craft, two kinds of different grades, different customer need different decorate, also different, if decorate a low budget can choose wall coverings, whereas high budget choices non-woven wall cloth, I believe you already know which is better. Hope I can help you.


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