Wall paper manufacturer wholesale analysis of the raw material rising market in 2018 and future development trend!

- Feb 24, 2018 -

The market in 2018 compared with 2017, the difference is great, it can be seen in a few days before the exhibition, version is no longer a deluge sent at random, as the rising price of raw materials at the end of 2017, cause the cost rise speed, then this exactly is what caused the rise in price?

Zesen wall coverings manufacturer:


Mainly due to the price of crude oil, raw materials such as short-term comprehensive comprehensive factors, more chemical plant at home and abroad to rise in price, a price increase to upsurge, the future price of raw materials or will continue to soar, in September last year, the negative growth for four and a half years of PPI producer price index finally reversed, marking the formal open industry overall inflation in China. In fact, from the start of bulk raw materials such as coal, iron ore, paper started to rise, after a few months to the whole industry. In the short term, may simply be to some weaker and more inferior brands can cause some impact and blow. But if the cycle is too long, will be for some asset quality is not very high. Affected by some, now the enterprise comprehensive strength is the key to competition, according to the current wall coverings industry market, PK companies in terms of comprehensive strength.


However, along with rise in raw material did not cause much impact to market demand, the current market demand is very big, there are constantly new buildings in the nation, second-hand housing decoration, choose wall coverings very much, mainly because the wall coverings decorating design and color effect is very good, easy to replace, the price is cheap, environmental protection. In this time the price trend, good business will continue to grow, so the market is very potential, because of the wall coverings just 10% of the domestic market development, along with rise in raw material, market more standardized, more good than it used to do a year with huge business opportunities.

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