Wall stickers wallpaper, how to maintain it?

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Home wallpaper yellow off how to do? How to maintain the home wallpaper to make it last longer? What kind of wallpaper is better? Take a look at how these wallpapers are maintained and how to choose wallpapers.

1. The basics for wallpapering should be very good! When the wallpaper is on the wall, your wall foundation is a key factor that determines the service life of the wallpaper. In front of the wall, the wall surface of the wallpaper is required to be smooth, no sand holes, firmness of the wall, humidity, etc. to maintain the optimal range.

2. The room where you have just put a good wallpaper should close the doors and windows, and it is strictly forbidden that the wind blows and blows. The wallpaper must be in a dry state. If you ignore this detail, you may have problems with edging or drumming in the wallpaper you just posted. Secondly, to keep the wallpaper wall dry without moisture problems, if the wall is wet, the wall will easily appear moldy and other problems!

3. When the wallpaper is pasted and affixed for three to four days, use a damp towel or sponge to gently wipe away the glue left behind by the wallpaper seam. Maintaining wallpaper is a regular activity that must be done every day to ensure that it is in a new state every year. Due to the increase of air pollution, we also need to use a feather duster to clean the wallpaper on the wallpaper every day to avoid dust on the wallpaper, so as to maintain its ornamental life.

4, flat printing (non-convex) style wallpaper, clean on weekdays, you can use a feather duster to wipe the surface dust. High-precision overprinting deep embossing type wallpaper, every 3 to 6 months, you need to use a wall vacuum cleaner or soft brush to wipe off the surface of dust.

5, all the normal wallpaper wall cleaning is to regularly vacuum the wall cleaning, put the vacuum cleaner can put the suction head, daily found that special stains to be timely erasure, the corresponding method is to use a semi-dry towel on the water resistant wall or Sponge to scrub, after cleaning with a dry towel to dry the surface of the water can be dry, for the water resistant wall can be wiped with a dry towel gently wipe, such as rubbing with rubber or other cleaning liquid with a towel to wipe dry, lightly wipe, in short Dirt should be removed in time, otherwise it will leave permanent marks for a long time.

6, after the paste of the wallpaper, after two to three years should pay attention to joints and transitions, found cracking cracks, should be immediately repaired, before extending the use of wallpaper.

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