Wallpaper and wall color and bedroom adornment collocation general principle

- Jan 24, 2018 -

1. Red with white, black, blue-gray, beige, gray.

2. Pink with purple, black, grey, dark green, white, beige, brown, navy blue.

3. Orange with white, black and blue.

4. Yellow with purple, blue, white, coffee and black.

5. Brown with beige, yellow, brick red, turquoise, black.

6. Green with white, beige, black, dark purple, taupe, grayish brown.

7. Dark green with pink, light purple, apricot yellow, dark purple, turquoise.

8. Blue with white, pink, red, gold, silver, olive green, orange, yellow.

9. Light blue with white, paste red, light grey, light purple, grey blue, pink.

10. Purple with light pink, grey blue, yellow green, white, purple, silver grey, black.

11. Purple red with blue, pink, white, black, purple and dark green.

Concrete also wants to optimize collocation according to the style of furniture, the household that decorates oneself, will multiply the life pleasure.

Pattern match

Colour, more glaring big flower pattern often can attract the line of sight of people in the distance, vivid pattern seems to have the feeling of be vividly portrayed, this wallpaper is most suited to shop in the pattern of a single room, in order to reduce the awkwardness of the bedroom.

And the wallpaper of some of the broken floral pattern that has regular arrangement can be used as the background of the bedroom, let oneself love sofa, the chair is in the background of this spot star flower shows its characteristic.

If the lower the height of the bedroom, can choose vertical stripes of wallpaper to decorate the walls, because bar pattern can give up the illusion of the line of sight, let a bedroom looks don't appear depressive.

Bright wallpaper actually should not only serve the metope of the bedroom, it can also become adornment household goods material.

You can take advantage of the leftover leftover material of the wall, decorate the lampshade of the home, the wardrobe, the meal mat, bring the most perfect harmony to the whole family.

Wallpaper pattern, design and color is very rich, even the same kind of style, also can be made of wallpaper, wallpaper waist line, fabric, organza, satin mutual collocation of style, as a result, you can according to their own interest and aesthetic choose wallpaper design.

But different texture, color, design wallpaper will form different visual effect, so you should combine their own height of the room, the daylighting condition of the bedroom, family size to choose the right wallpaper.

Someone called wallpaper, wall cloth is metope "fashion", this was not a bit exaggerated, because it often represents the trend of The Times and fashion, reflect individual character, expressing people the pursuit of beautiful and comfortable.

Application of new technology and equipment, the existing of wallpaper, wall cloth products have rich and colorful style, bright skin texture, texture soft, sound-absorbing breathe freely, not easy craze, replace onlay is simple, easy and to clean water and so on merits, and according to the need to make the environmental protection special function such as flame retardant, antibacterial, antistatic products.

Its color, pattern, texture can be through the careful design, more adaptable to various environments and the need to meet the aesthetic view of modern people, at all levels and for people to create a luxurious, sweet, comfortable, healthy environment, this is unmatched by other metope adornment material.

2. Color matching.

Beautiful green, mysterious purple, the red, bright yellow, rich and gaudy, romantic pink, different color can foil a different atmosphere for the bedroom, create the different decoration style, colour is applied proper, cooperate with furniture tonal in harmonious collocation, can make the wallpaper to fully demonstrate its infinite charm of colors.

General to the room of chaoyang, can choose the tonal with incline to moderate to moderate to reduce room temperature feeling;

And shady room, can choose the wallpaper of warm color department to increase the anacreontic feeling of the room.

For sitting room, dining-room and so on people activity more space, appropriate chooses bright, enthusiastic color to arouse people's mood.

And bedroom, study and so on the space that needs a person to meditate, should choose the color with low brightness or cool color to make a person concentrates energy to concentrate on thinking, or calm and impetuous mood.

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