Wallpaper buying tips(I)

- Mar 08, 2018 -

According to the overall decoration of the bedroom to choose.

The choice of wallpaper should be coordinated with the overall style of the living room. Different bedroom design determines the different wallpaper colors and patterns. Such as the European classical style of room design in the pursuit of continuity in space, the sense of hierarchy and physical changes, so the indoor multi-color gorgeous, steady atmosphere of the classic style of the wallpaper wallpaper; if advocating simple modernist style, the use of light colors, clear texture Wallpaper with smooth lines of furniture, to create a spacious, transparent sense of space.

Choose according to the size and purpose of the room.

The spacious room, with large flowers or wide bar patterns, can make the room full and full. Relatively small rooms and furniture and more cases, the use of fine patterns, elegant flowers, floral wallpaper, you can visually expand the space. According to the principles of color science, darker light rooms should be light warm colors; good lighting, bright and spacious room, the choice of dark wallpaper to foil the atmosphere.

Living space as a family activity should be light and elegant, simple and neat wallpaper pattern; bedroom use warm colors, decorative patterns are more ideal, will help create a sweet and warm atmosphere; study should choose a dignified, simple pattern wallpaper So that the owner at work to maintain a high degree of mental attention.

According to the function of the room to choose.

For the living room such a family public activity area, generally recommended wear resistance, stain resistance, easy maintenance care PVC plastic wallpaper and non-woven fiber wallpaper; children's room is best to choose the most environmentally friendly pure paper wallpaper and Non-woven fiber wallpaper; kitchen, bathroom and other areas with good water resistance, abrasion resistance of PVC plastic wallpaper is undoubtedly the most ideal.

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