Wallpaper classification

- Mar 06, 2018 -

Now on the market are mostly wallpaper and surface material by the two layers of material paste, according to the different substrates, the wallpaper is divided into pure paper, pure cloth, glass fiber, non-woven wind four categories; and In accordance with the surface material, mainly can be divided into pure paper, pure cloth surface, PVC plastic, non-woven fabrics, wood fiber metal texture and add sandstone, crystal, diatomaceous earth and other special materials wallpaper; According to the function can be divided into: Mold waterproof wallpaper, fire retardant wallpaper, sound-absorbing wallpaper, anti-static wallpaper, fluorescent wallpaper.

First, PVC wallpaper

PVC wallpaper is currently the largest variety in the market, the lowest price, is covered in the grassroots level PVC plastic film or spray resin coating.

Advantages: the surface can make a variety of wood, parquet, imitation porcelain and other effects, lifelike three-dimensional and waterproof pattern is better, durability, maintenance is also very simple, polluted can be relatively easy to scrub.

Disadvantages: PVC material environmental performance is not easy to guarantee, and PVC material as a surface material and a variety of substrate material properties are greatly different, very easily due to environmental changes make the wallpaper curl, Alice edge, mildew and other issues.

Second, paper wallpaper

Paper coated with water-based surface coating, environmental performance, breathable, thin material, color effect is excellent.

Advantages: paper wallpaper can make a lot of style, paste technology is simple, not easy to Alice and bubble.

Disadvantages: water, scrub poor performance, the second update need to produce the wall base, renovation cost.

Third, the cloth wallpaper

The material of the cloth can be used as both the base material and the surface material in the manufacture of the wallpaper.

Advantages: cloth wallpaper soft colors, durable, water scrub, mildew, moisture, moth, pull-pull performance are better than ordinary paper wallpaper, the service life is more than 2-3 times the normal wallpaper.

Disadvantages: higher construction difficulty, easy to produce deformation when paving, the strict requirements on the delicate flower paste products have some difficulty, especially the stripes products will inevitably have a certain deformation.

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