Wallpaper construction process

- Jan 25, 2018 -



First, check the received goods according to the label paper in the paper roll packaging, and confirm whether the product model is correct and the batch number is the same.

Usually, the length of the cutting length should be 5 ~ 10 cm in height. Please pay attention to the floral factor when cutting.

In the cut

Cut the back of the tape to indicate the upper and lower order Numbers.

There is no need for flowers: no need to consider the floral factor, only need to be cut according to the height of the wall.

Pingqi opposite flower: the pattern on different paper tape is on the same height.

First of all, according to the height of the wall and the first paper tape,

When cutting other strips, just pay attention to the same pattern at the same height.

Misalignment: the same pattern is not on the same height as the two adjacent wallpapers, and the displacement is the displacement marked on the label paper.

First of all, according to the height of the wall and the cut of the first wallpaper paper, the pattern is aligned with the same pattern of the first paper tape when cutting the second paper tape.

Determine a point from the point of the position of the second paper tape displacement of a displacement after the cut is available.

The third paper tape has the same pattern as the first one.

At the same height, the same pattern on the second paper tape and the fourth paper tape at the same height, the same pattern at the same height,

The same pattern on the double wall paper tape is at the same height.

When you need more than 2 rolls of wallpaper, you can use the first paper roll to cut the single wall to reduce the footer.

Paper tape, use the second paper roll to cut the double wall paper tape.

Invert paste: in order to balance the small side color of the wallpaper, the wallpaper is sometimes marked with an inverted symbol on the label paper.


The cutting method of the paper tape is exactly the same as the wallpaper without the need for the flowers. Just when pasting, every other paper belt needs to be inverted (rotated 180 degrees) and then pasted.


Deployment of glue

When dispensing glue, you need a plastic drum (preferably with a scale) and a stirring stick. According to the instructions on the packaging box, add the appropriate amount of cold water.

Stir the water in one direction with the mixing long stick, keep stirring while the water is in motion, and gradually add the rubber powder to the water until the glue solution.

It's uniform.

In principle, the heavier the wallpaper, the smaller the amount of water should be added to the glue solution. According to the instructions of the manufacturer on the packaging box,

Be sure to use clean cold water, do not use warm water or hot water, otherwise glue solution will be lumped and cannot be mixed.

The glue that has been mixed can be done by adding water.

Dilute, and if the glue is too thin, the gelatine powder will be lumped together and can not be stirred evenly.

The glue should not be too thin, and the amount of glue is not.

It should be too thick, or the glue will easily overflow from the seams and affect the paste quality.


Wallpaper glue

With non-woven fiber as the base lining, the glue solution can be hit on the back of the wallpaper, also can be the glue liquid direct roller brush on the wall.

And for other kinds.

Wallpaper, all need to beat glue fluid on the back of wallpaper, in order to ensure the construction quality as far as possible use glue machine.

If manual glue is used, please pay attention to glue.

Uniformity, and try to avoid spilling glue to the wallpaper surface.


Wallpaper rubber

The correct time to soak glue is very important to the final paste effect.

The wallpaper will expand by 1% ~ 2% in length.

The width will expand by about 1cm, and the improper dip time will result in bubbles, wrinkles, cracks in the joints and misplacement of patterns.

With non-woven fiber as the wallpaper, glue can be directly and paste without the glue.

All kinds of wallpapers lined with plain paper, such as pure paper.

Wallpaper, glue surface wallpaper and foaming wallpaper, after glue the wallpaper all need to soak for 8-10 minutes, all paper tape of the glue time must be consistent.

The specific operation is as follows:

First of all, the wallpaper of the adhesive has been folded in half, and the upper direction of the paper tape is folded in half, and the bottom of the paper tape is folded in the middle of the paper.

The left and right edges must be aligned.

After folding, gently knead the left and right edges of the paper tape to avoid opening, otherwise the glue will be at the edge of the glue.

Dry coagulation causes seam cracking.

Then fold the half of the folded half again to the center, and then roll it into a tube.

Avoid during folding and scrolling.

Beat the wallpaper dead.



The pasting of wallpapers usually starts from the window, and when the first paper tape is pasted on each wall, it is important to draw perpendicular lines with a horizontal ruler or a plumb.


After metope, need to use wallpaper special press roller to roll in the same direction to drive the bubble out, do not force the slurry from the edge of the paper edge out to overflow onto the wallpaper surface,

Close to the roof and part of the ground with a scratches, remove the bubbles and press the wallpaper against the wall to make the final cut.

Do not use scraper on wallpaper.

Do a lot of pressure, so as not to damage the wallpaper surface or to squeeze some of the glue from the edge of the wallpaper onto the surface of the wallpaper, resulting in wallpaper paste.

No prison, crack in joints and dirt and other phenomena.

The edge of the left and right sides of the paper belt should be rolled with a bevel joint press roller to make the wallpaper stick.

Stick firmly, the seam will not crack.

If the glue is spilled onto the surface of the wallpaper, be sure to wipe it off with a damp sponge. Do not smear it, otherwise the wallpaper will dry.

It leaves a white mark.

Therefore, it is better to know the construction process, materials, tools and so on.

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