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- Mar 13, 2018 -

Wallpaper is divided into different types of substrates: paper wallpaper, PVC wallpaper, foam wallpaper, non-woven paper, fabric wallpaper, cloth based wallpaper, gold platinum wallpaper, and special wallpaper. Paper wallpaper Paper is used as a base material and embossed after printing.

   Ordinary wallpaper, including monochrome embossing, embossing, embossing, embossing, and embossing, is currently the most used wallpaper. Disadvantages: Large shrinkage, so that the wallpaper attached to the wall is easy to show a gap, easy to lose color. PVC wallpaper with paper as the substrate, PVC coating, embossed after printing, made of pvc plastic, variety, color is very rich, is the most widely used home decoration wallpaper, after coating, printing and other processes It is made of flexible, wearable, scrubable, acid and alkali resistant, and has the function of sound absorption and heat insulation. Plastic wallpaper is usually divided into ordinary wallpaper, foam wallpaper, etc., each category is divided into several varieties, each species is divided into a variety of colors. The surface is mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, mainly in the following three ways:

1. Ordinary type ------80g/ square meter of paper for the paper, coated with 100g/square meter PVC resin. The surface decoration method is usually a combination of printing, embossing, or printing and embossing.

2. Foaming type ------100g/m2 paper is used as paper base, and 300-400g/m2 PVC resin is applied on the surface. According to the size of the expansion ratio, there are low foaming and high foaming, respectively. The high-foaming wallpaper surface has elastic concave and convex patterns and has a certain sound absorption effect.

3. Function type ------ Water resistant wallpaper is made of glass fiber cloth as base material, can be used to decorate the wall of bathroom and bathroom; Fire wall paper is made of 100-200 g/m2 asbestos paper, and is in PVC surface. Incorporation of flame retardants in wood

   Foaming wallpaper Paper is used as base material, coated with PVC, printed and inhibited from patterning after foaming. Foaming wallpaper has high foaming printing, low foaming printing and foam printing embossing and other varieties. The high-foaming wallpaper has elastic concave and convex patterns on the surface, and is a multi-functional wallpaper with decoration and sound absorption. The surface of the low-foaming wallpaper has the same pattern of color and embossing on the surface, and has the effects of imitation wood grain, parquet, imitation tiles, etc. The pattern is vivid, three-dimensional and strong, and the decorative effect is good. It is suitable for interior wall skirts, living rooms and corridors inside buildings and other decorations.

Non-woven paper wallpaper Non-woven paper as the base material, printed with pattern patterns, also known as pulp fiber or wood pulp fiber, is currently the world's most popular new green wallpaper material. A wallpaper made of non-woven natural fabric fibers such as cotton and linen. Does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and chlorine elements. When completely combusted, it only produces carbon dioxide and water, no strong black smoke and irritating odor produced when the chemical elements burn. Visual effects and feel soft, breathable! This type of wallpaper has one-piece bottom surface, no paper base, and adopts advanced technology of direct printing and color printing. It is richer than the textile surface wallpaper pattern. It is a combination of noble and elegant classic pattern and simple and stylish modern design style.

Due to the use of natural materials, non-woven wallpaper may have a gradual color difference, which is a normal phenomenon, not a product quality problem.

Summarize the advantages of non-woven wallpaper: zero formaldehyde, good ductility, small shrinkage.

Fabric wallpaper with paper as substrate and covered with fabric fibers or other natural materials

It is popular nowadays and it is made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers. It has good texture and good air permeability, but it is expensive. Using this kind of wallpaper to decorate the environment gives people an elegant, soft and comfortable feeling. The surface of such wallpaper is easy to accumulate dust, difficult to clean, and it needs to be equipped with dust-washing equipment when used, so it can be used as a wall and ceiling decoration in a superior room.

Burkina wallpaper based on fabric, PVC coating, embossed after printing

Is a new wallpaper, also known as wall cloth. It is also a kind of fabric wallpaper, but it needs to be used with the paint, and the color can be randomly allocated with the color of the paint itself.

Gold and platinum wallpaper is based on paper, coated with PVC and electro-aluminum-platinum composite printing embossing. It is a kind of wallpaper made by overlaying a metal film on the base layer. The lines formed by this wallpaper are exceptionally spectacular. A feeling of magnificent and magnificent. And its resistance is good, easy to use in hot atmosphere places, such as hotels, restaurants and so on.

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