Wallpaper daily maintenance cleaning

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Before construction: paving wallpaper, wall cloth should choose air relative humidity below 85%, the temperature should not have drastic changes, be sure to avoid construction in the wet season and the wet wall in order to wallpaper beautiful and durable, not easy Bubble warping, wall treatment before construction is very important. The wall surface to be wall-papered must be flat and dry, free of dirt and dust. Before paving the wallpaper, we recommend that you first apply a layer of polyester paint on the wall to prevent moisture and mildew.

During construction: glue the wallpaper, and the adhesive liquid overflowing from the wall cloth should be wiped clean with a clean towel at any time. In particular, the glue marks on the joints should be handled cleanly. The construction personnel should keep the hands and tools at a high degree of cleanliness, such as stains. Traces should be cleaned with soapy water or detergent in time.

After construction: after paving, open doors and windows during the day and keep ventilation; at night, close the doors and windows to prevent moisture from entering, and at the same time, prevent the wallpaper just pasted on the wall from being loosened by the wind, thus affecting the firmness of the paste regularly on the wallpaper. The wall cloth is vacuumed and cleaned. Attention must be paid to the vacuum cleaner to change the suction head daily to find that special stains should be erased in a timely manner. The water resistant wallpaper can be scrubbed with water. After washing, it can be dry with a dry towel. For the non-water resistant wall cloths, rubber can be used. Wipe, or wipe with a towel and wipe with some liquid.

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