Wallpaper decoration construction process flow

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Wallpaper decoration construction process flow.

Pasting class wall refers to wall paper, wall cloth, etc.

(1) construction of pasting class wall.

The wall is covered with water slurry, which makes the walls smooth.

After drying, full of putty, grind with sand paper, then use 107 glue or other adhesive to paste wallpaper.

(2) the main technological process of wall paper and wall cloth.

Cleaning at the grass-roots level, to fill gaps and plasterboard juncture place with seam, fill putty, sandpaper to full blow be bored with child, smooth, besmear brushs metope to besmear to brush glue, moistureproof agent play line to wallpaper of flooding, wallpaper, coating binder at the grass-roots level to wall paper cutting paper, brush glue, wall onlay, flat-fell seam, on lap, highly - driven pressure bubbles to wipe glue, adhesive dressing.

(3) the main points of wall paper and wall cloth.


At the base level processing, must clean, level, smooth, moistureproof paint should be brushed even, not too thick.

(1) concrete and plaster base: the walls are swept clean, and the surface cracks and potholes are putty.

Refill the putty, and polish it.

It is necessary to determine the number of putty.

(2) wood base: the wooden base should be planed, without burrs and stubble, without exposed nails.

Sew, nail eye putty to fill.

Full blown putty, polished and smooth.

(3) gypsum board base: plasterboard joints are treated with inlaid putty and fastened with joint tape.

The surface is putty.


Coating base glue is commonly used 107 glue, the base glue is one time, but cannot have omission.


In order to prevent wall paper, wall cloth damp off, can brush a layer of moisture-proof paint.


Play the vertical line and horizontal line, to ensure the wall paper, wall cloth horizontal vertical, pattern correct basis.


Plastic wall paper meets water ah glue can expand, want to use water to run paper, make plastic wall paper to expand fully, the wallpaper of glass fiber base material, wall cloth wait, meet water not to scale, need not run paper.

Composite paper wallpaper and textile fiber wallpaper should not be bored.


After pasting, press the wallpaper adhesive, do not leave the bubble, the extruded glue should be wiped clean.

(4) matters needing attention.


The moisture content of the wall base should be less than 8%.


The flatness of the wall shall be inspected with a 2 meter scale, and the difference shall be no more than 2 mm.


When sewing, the pattern and the back joint are used to match the upper and lower patterns.


No sewing at the Angle of the sun. The wallpaper should be over 20 mm.


When laminated glass fiber wall cloth and non-woven wall cloth, the back of the adhesive can not be brushed, the clay will be brushed on the base.

Because wall cloth has small pore, adhesive can print the surface and appear glue mark, influence beautiful.

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