Wallpaper development process

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Decorative paper or cloth used for pasting the interior walls of rooms. Wallpaper and wallpaper are the same concept, wallpaper and wallpaper also belong to the same concept. It is customary to use textile fabrics for the wall surface material (wallpaper) also classified as wallpaper products. Therefore, the broad concept of wallpaper includes wallpaper (wallpaper) and wall coverings (wall cloth). Wallpaper originated in the UK, PVC wallpaper from the 1950s began to appear, the wallpaper began to spread throughout the world.

Ambiguity: Wallpaper is easily confused with tablecloths (pictures placed on the desktop of a computer), often referred to as "desktop wallpaper." Searching on the web for "wallpaper" or "wallpaper" will search for the decorative wallpaper together with the wallpaper.

Wallpaper with other decorative materials, as the world's economic and cultural development and continuous development and change. The use of wallpaper in different periods is the embodiment of local economic development level, new material science and popular consumer psychology. As early as the Tang dynasty in China, some people painted on paper to decorate the walls. In the mid-10th century, the English Morris began mass-producing printed wallpaper with modern wallpaper. With the changes of the times, the development of wall paper continues to evolve with the development of the world economy and culture. It has successively experienced the development and changes of paper, drawing on paper, foaming paper, printing paper, embossing paper and special craft paper process.

The initial wallpaper is drawn on the wall, printing and dyeing of various patterns made. There is a certain psychedelic effect, but also limited to royal court and other high places to do local decoration use. Really large area with other decorative materials into the home life, or in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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