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- Mar 14, 2018 -

1. What is the material composition of the wallpaper?

A: take the PVC wallpaper with the most current production and the fastest selling, and its main components are paper base, PVC glue surface and ink. PVC resin is an environmentally friendly raw material without lead or benzene.

Is the wallpaper a green material?

Answer: the wall paper on the market now cent imports and domestic two kinds. Import wallpaper mainly in Europe and America and Japanese products, as long as it is a regular agent, then their wallpaper environmental performance is generally in line with standards; Now the domestic wallpaper factory (such as yulan wallpaper) has completely solved the environmental protection problem of the wallpaper after several years' attempts. Environmental protection has been the basic requirement for building materials, not a reason to advertise quality or raise prices.

3. Why do some people think that the use of wallpaper is short?

A: one is that people think the wallpaper tends to fall off. This is not the problem of the wallpaper itself, but the paste process and the quality of the glue. The glue that used to be used in the past is not firm, easy to roll, fall off, resulting in the wall paper service life is short.

Secondly, many people think that the wallpaper should be used for decades or even a lifetime. It is a kind of old idea to change the problem and waste money. The biggest characteristic of the wallpaper is can be updated at any time, often change the mood of living space, always have fresh, not much money and time spent a few years to replace a wallpaper, is undoubtedly a mental adjustment and enjoy. Foreign developed country is commonly one year change wallpaper, some Christmas, birthday is about to change, according to our country current economy level, can do a few years to change completely.

4. Is the glue that the wallpaper USES is green?

A: it is recommended to use the wall paper glue, usually water soluble glue made from plant starch, such as ma bell department glue, this kind of glue does not contain chemical substance, safe and environmental protection.

How to change the wallpaper?

Answer: if next time update the wallpaper, just take the old wall of the surface of the old paper surface to remove the whole strip tear off, paper base left on the wall. If paper foundation and wall are stuck firmly, new wall paper can be mounted directly on it, but should avoid new wall paper seam and old paper seam just hit in the same place. If the wall is damaged, it needs to be treated with putty, then brush the oil, and then the new wallpaper can be attached.

Is the wallpaper easy to maintain?

Wallpaper has relatively good wear resistance, anti-pollution, easy to clean,PVC wallpaper is better in this area. Usually after the wallpaper is dirty, just use wet sponge or wet cloth wring dry gently wipe gently (suggest wet sponge), for some difficult to remove besmirch, usable a few cleaner.

7. How to see the wallpaper is easy to clean and maintain?

Usually, there are ICONS on the back of the wallpaper book to indicate the degree of scrubbing (water ripples and brushes).

A water ripple: the water resistance level conforms to the industry standard, the vacuum cleaner can be used to remove or brush the surface dust with the brush; Also use wet sponge to gently wipe away.

Two water ripples: good water resistance. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove or brush the surface dirt with a brush, if dirt on the surface can be used wet water after wring dry towel wipe, the cleaning process pay attention to be light.

Three water ripples: good scrubbing. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove or brush the surface dirt with a brush, if dirt on the surface can be used wet water after wring dry towel, wipe with a small amount of detergent. But it should be a neutral solvent.

A water ripple + brush: good wear resistance. Wet towel can be used to wash the detergent directly, or brush gently.

Three water ripples + brush: wear resistance. The detergent can be washed directly or with brush. Wallpaper with such properties is generally used in a particular area. Such as: bathroom, kitchen, etc.

Wall paper knowledge q&a (2) : construction.

1. What should be done to the wall before putting up wallpaper?

1) cement, brick wall: itself is relatively flat, use putty to be flat, brush on thin varnish (or wallpaper base film) can paste wallpaper.

2) gypsum board, plywood and joinery board: there is a joint, so make up the seam before leveling.

Fill seam with putty: as long as add more white glue (vinyl acetate resin), make seam strong, won't crack.

Batch putty: just add a small amount of white glue to the sand mill.

3) gypsum powder and white glue replace the putty with putty, which can accelerate drying and shorten construction time.

4) powdery wall: that is, metope has not firm powder to exist, should sanding to remove, whole flat, brush on wallpaper base film (usable varnish is replaced) can stick wallpaper.

5) light wall: that is, the wall is very smooth (for example, painted walls), not easy to absorb glue, not easy to dry, and the adhesion will be reduced, so it is necessary to wear the wallpaper after grinding.

6) the coating wall is suitable to change the wallpaper, but it is necessary to do a good sanding after polishing the wallpaper base film (can be replaced by varnish). The metope pretreatment that adheres wallpaper is in fact and brush coating metope pretreatment basically is same.

2. How to check the construction quality of wallpaper?

After the construction of the wall paper, there is no obvious seam in the 1.5m visual paper; Mounting firmly, no open seam, no empty drum, edge, creases; Uniform color, no stain, no margin, no glue mark and indentation; The pattern is correct, the pattern of the joint is consistent, and there is no joint at the Angle of Yin and Yang.

3. What should I notice when the wallpaper is finished?

1) after the wallpaper has been pasted, the doors and Windows should be closed for 2-3 days to allow the wallpaper to dry naturally. Be sure not to turn on the air conditioning equipment such as heating, lest the wall paper shrink violently to cause opening.

2) during wet season, doors and Windows should be opened during the day to prevent moisture from invading.

3) the glue surface wall paper has a certain resistance to scrubbing, so, if stained, can be wiped gently with soap or other cleaning agent.

4) for the wallpaper with embossed patterns, use the vacuum cleaner every 2 to 3 months.

5) be careful not to hit or rub the wall with the back of the chair or the table, so as not to damage the wall.

This way, you use wallpaper to decorate a bedroom, still can maintain a beautiful, clean effect after several years.

Wallpaper quiz 3.

How to distinguish wallpaper quality?

A: generally, the following aspects should be identified:

1. Paper base thickness. Ensure the use of natural wood pulp paper which is greater than or equal to 100g/m2. Please ask the manufacturer to issue the factory documents when choosing.

2. Product strength. The surface coating thickness is guaranteed to be greater than 150 g/m2. The wet tensile load is greater than the vertical/horizontal 7 loss of Newton per 15MM. These two performances will ensure that the post construction is easy to be flat, no edge, no bottom, and the surface can be peeled off.

3. Resistance to friction. When you choose, you can use your nails to carve the surface of each wallpaper to see if there are scratches or discoloration to identify the surface toughness.

4. Green is not harmful. When choose and buy, might as well be close to the product smell whether have any peculiar smell, taste product may contain excessive aromatic hydrocarbon (toluene, ethyl benzene), have carcinogenic effect.

5. Long color. Wall paper surface coating material and printing pigment need to be selected and strictly controlled, can guarantee the wall paper after long-term illumination (especially light color, white wallpaper) does not turn yellow.

6. See whether the pattern style is unique and the workmanship is excellent.

2. How to choose wallpaper according to your own needs?

Answer: should choose according to the specific environmental condition of oneself bedroom, should make the following consideration generally:

1. Choose according to your master's age and hobbies. The bedroom of old people demands simple, grave, should choose the tonal with elegant, partial green, slant blue, the pattern pattern should be delicate and meticulous; Children's bedroom should be lively, full of vigor, color is novel and rich, pattern can choose cartoon character type, fairy tale, block type or flower cluster type; Young people should be accompanied by a cheerful, relaxed pattern.

2. Choose the interior decoration. If the traditional Chinese style sitting room, the decoration is the tea table, big chair, eight fairy table wait, the wallpaper should be coordinated with this, should choose light brown, silver gray wait, this kind of appearance is simple and dignified. If be contemporary style meeting room, indoor furnishings sofa, steel wood structure or lacquer white wood furniture, the wall paper should use shallow ground color, pattern design is dominated by line block. Always pay attention to the color of the furniture and the ground.

3. Choose according to the size and purpose of the room. Capacious room, choose big flower or broad stripe design, can make the room appears plump a few. The room is small, the furniture is many, should choose the design is finer, the wallpaper of the color is weak, can expand the space. The room is dark, should use light warm color tone; Room light is good, capacious and bright, can choose deep color, show interior atmosphere. The sitting room should use color quietly elegant, design concise and lively wall paper; The bedroom USES warm color, adornment sex is strong pattern is ideal, easy form sweet and sweet atmosphere. Kitchen, toilet should choose colour and lustre is lively, the wall paper that can endure scrub.

4. Pay attention to the selection of the visual effects after the large area mounted. The small sample of the product sample and the effect after extensive decoration, because distance and space collocation are different, can cause visual error. It is good to look at the sample sometimes, but when it is covered with large area, it is not satisfactory.

5. Consider the technical conditions of wallpaper. Including appearance, fading, strength, friction resistance and construction performance. Appearance is the main factor that affects adornment effect, generally do not allow fold point, blemish, leak, color is cloudy, apparent double shadow and so on phenomenon.

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