Wallpaper glue selection

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Three common wallpaper glue

1, starch glue

Starch glue is generally two-component. The product contains a box of starch, in addition to a glue. When using the first powder into the water container, the best left part, slowly add, tune into a paste of rice noodles. Then add the glue, mix well to increase the glue viscosity.

The plastic composition of starch glue is generally more environmentally friendly, but the environmental protection of the glue composition is more difficult to control. Therefore, the purchase of starch glue, you need to focus on the glue to see the environmental protection, glue to see if there is a product testing certificate.

2, glutinous gum

Glutinous rice gum is a wallpaper-specific high-performance adhesive, which was first established in Japan and introduced into other regions, so in the line, also known as "Japan glue." Glutinous rice gum to natural food starch and high-performance plant materials, the Japanese adhesive industry-leading formula and technology from production. Glutinous rice glue is easy to use natural plant adhesive, open the glue just add water, stir can be used without adding additional viscose.

Buy imported glutinous gum, the product packaging instructions are Japanese, so be careful when buying a little to prevent fake buy fake products. The best request to view the product declaration, certificate of origin, Chinese logo and environmental testing reports.

3, Bottled plastic

Barrels of plastic packaging is generally plastic barrels, barrels directly installed inside the plastic, the plastic state can be seen directly. Most of these plastic is imported from Europe and the United States. Bottled rubber has advantages in terms of environmental performance and adhesive strength, but the price is relatively expensive. When purchasing such imported plastic, the same attention should be paid to view the product's import declarations, certificates of origin and environmental testing reports and other related documents.

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