Wallpaper identification

- Mar 06, 2018 -

When the wallpaper chooses, the quality of wallpaper, material and environmental protection sex are very important index, even go to glutinous rice glue and base film, must choose carefully. In the face of a pile of wallpaper, how to identify its quality?

Step 1: take a look. This step is the basic operation, mainly depends on whether there is chromatic aberration, dead fold, bubble, design is delicate and have layer feeling, tonal transition is natural, be not accurate to the flower. General good quality, good wallpaper pattern or texture looks natural, comfortable and stereo feeling is very strong.

Step 2: touch it. Touch is used to feel the texture, touch the wallpaper with the hand, feel the layer of the wallpaper and the left and right thickness is consistent, also can feel the quality good and bad.

Step 3: wipe it off. This step is commonly operated before construction, can use slightly damp cloth slightly to wipe the surface of the wallpaper, if appear the phenomenon such as fade or delamination, the surface wallpaper is rough, quality is not good.

Step 4: smell it. This step is also a regular operations, with his nose, he feel the smell the wallpaper to see if there is peculiar smell, some harmful substances can smell, such as aldehyde, vinyl chloride monomer, such as volatile substances, if the smell is heavier, illustrate the potential high content, said is bad.

Finally, the purchase of wallpaper must pay attention to a lot of detail, ability guarantees the wallpaper that chooses quality.

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