Wallpaper identification skills

- May 03, 2018 -

When wallpaper is selected, the quality, material and environmental protection of the wallpaper are all very important indicators. Even the glutinous rice gum and base film must be carefully selected. When faced with a pile of wallpaper, how to identify the quality of it?

The first step: take a look. This step is the basic operation, mainly to see if there is color, dead folded, bubbles, whether the pattern is exquisite and layered, whether the tone transition is natural, not accurate. The generally good quality, superior wallpaper pattern or texture looks natural, comfortable and three-dimensional.

The second step: touch it. Touch is used to feel the texture, touch the wallpaper with your hand, and feel whether the wallpaper's layer solidity and the thickness of the wallpaper are the same. You can also feel the quality of the wallpaper.

The third step: wipe. This step is generally operated before construction. You can use a slightly damp rag to wipe the surface of the wallpaper slightly. If fade or delamination occurs, the surface wallpaper will be rough and of poor quality.

Step 4: Smell. This step is also a routine operation. Feel it with your nose. Smell the wallpaper for peculiar smells. Some harmful substances can be identified by odors, such as aldehydes, vinyl chloride monomers and other volatile substances. If the smell is heavy, the content may be higher. Said to be inferior.

In the end, the purchase of the wallpaper must pay attention to many details in order to guarantee the selection of qualified wallpaper.

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