Wallpaper life 8 to 10 years old wallpaper should how to remove?

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Wallpaper, as the new home outfit beloved, decorate with own individual character colour to change household, bring full life and endless interest to life.

The wallpaper of modern craft production can under normal condition, the service life is 8-10 years.

As a decorative material, the wallpaper itself has a strong sense of The Times.

According to investigation, in abroad, the update speed of wallpaper is quite fast, use 1-2 years, the wallpaper can be changed.

Change the wallpaper, change the mood.

As the burden of the time sense, as a mood color, the wallpaper does have too many functions.

Then please correctly grasp this beautiful color, in the limited time to share the beauty of wallpaper.

How should old wallpaper be removed?

Some people after decorating a few years may feel a little tired of the wallpaper of original shop outfit, want to change again, so how to remove old wall paper?

For the wallpaper that has fallen off, it can be torn gently from the corner where it is tilted, and it is difficult to remove the part. It can be wet with a sponge soaked in water, and then it will be torn off by hand after a few minutes.

If it is PVC wallpaper, it is necessary to have a toothed scraper to scrape off the surface layer of PVC, so that the water can penetrate into the inner layer, and then blow it with a hot blow to soften the glue and then remove it.

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