Wallpaper manufacturers tell you misunderstanding

- Mar 21, 2018 -

What are the errors in the wallpapering process? Many consumers want to know this problem, because if you can avoid the mistakes of these wallpapers, you can effectively protect the life of the wallpaper.

First, material selection material misunderstanding

When choosing a wallpaper, whether you are confused by the variety of materials and patterns, and therefore ignore the important aspects of the purchase of wallpaper into the mistakes of the purchase, the following will introduce common mistakes to buy wallpaper.

1, concerned about the color does not look at the material

Nowadays, wallpapers are becoming more and more diverse, and consumers demand wallpapers not only for their colors and patterns, but also for their special effects. Consumers often only pay attention to the surface patterns when they choose, and forget to check the quality of the wallpaper. Causes moldy, cracking, and discoloration to occur after the wallpaper is applied.

Xiaobian Weapon: There are many types of wallpapers, and different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, besides caring about the color, it is still more concerned about its quality. When buying, it is generally advisable to test the stain resistance, water resistance, environmental protection and other indicators of various wallpapers yourself so that you can buy durable and beautiful wallpaper.

2, concerned about the material forgotten environmental protection

Many consumers only care about surface materials when they choose wallpapers, and ignore their environmental protection. The most commonly used wallpapers are plain paper wallpaper, plastic surface wallpaper (PVC wallpaper), and cloth-based wallpaper. When consumers purchase, they often consider whether the surface material matches with the home style, and ignore the different pollutants content of different materials wallpaper, environmental performance is also different.

Xiaobian Weapon: When choosing a wallpaper. You can smell the smell of wallpaper, which is the simplest way to judge. Second, as consumers or to see the origin and brand, you can choose some well-known domestic brands, or imported wallpapers from Italy, Germany and the United States, these environmental performance are better. In addition, we must know that the general environmental protection paper wallpaper is the highest, followed by the cloth wallpaper, and finally the plastic surface wallpaper.

3, look at the material do not understand the price

Different material wallpaper prices are different, in fact, the price of the same material wallpaper is also very different. Many consumers do not understand these factors that affect the price of wallpaper, and fall into the traps of some unscrupulous merchants at the time of purchase, resulting in high prices that cannot buy good goods, or only pursuing cheap goods.

Xiao Bian Weapons: There are differences in the price of the same kind of wallpaper, there should be many factors in the wallpaper price. First of all, the brand is an important factor. The prices of well-known brands are naturally high and they have quality assurance. Second, the style determines the price, and the new wallpaper price is higher than the old one. Third, quality determines the price, and some wallpapers use better-quality materials, and prices are naturally higher. Finally, ancillary services also determine prices, and the prices for complete services such as after-sales and maintenance are high.

Second, the misunderstanding of hands-on construction

To buy a good wallpaper, you must start wallpaper construction. Avoid misunderstanding when constructing, otherwise you will have to choose wallpapers in vain! From looking for a construction team to paving, every small detail must be careful to avoid getting into the wrong zone so that a perfect wall can be made.

1, just find the construction team

After purchasing the wallpaper, many consumers may have experienced problems with the wallpaper being damaged during the process of wallpapering by the workers, or problems such as the appearance of rubber squeezing on the pavement in a few days, and after the problem occurred, the store and the construction team pushed each other. No one solves. These situations are caused by the misconception that consumers simply find the construction team to put wallpapers on it.

Xiao Bian Weapon: In fact, the installation of wallpaper has a lot of knowledge, many people in the industry mentioned that the final effect of wallpaper depends on the wallpaper itself, seven points depends on the installation, it is because of the different types of wallpaper, only by professional construction services After the team is posted and installed, the effect of wallpaper can be fully displayed. As a durable decorative material, the selection of wallpaper should also be considered from two aspects: brand and service as well as artistic decoration.

2, renovation of the wall directly paving wallpaper

For second-hand housing renovation, many owners will have misunderstandings that the wall can be wallpapered, especially brushed and tiled walls, without much treatment. This will easily lead to a weak wallpaper spread, prone to blistering, cracking and so on.

Xiao Bian Weapons: For the refurbished wall should pay attention to the wallpaper to be done before all the work done before the stickers, do not forget to put a layer of base film before posting, this play a role in the protection of the wall, once the wallpaper to be lifted , will not damage the wall. After the wallpaper is attached, the room should not be ventilated. If the ventilated glue will dry too fast, the wallpaper will cause slits and curls due to different forces. It is best not to ventilate within two days.

3, free to use "full paste"

When selecting wallpapers, they will be paved according to the actual situation. Many consumers think that the living room and dining room lights are suitable for full use. In the end, not only the wallpaper is wasted, but the effect of paving is even less than ideal.

Xiaobian Weapons: The area of wallpaper is not as good as possible, among which there is knowledge. In general, a small area living room is suitable for full posting, such as a larger area, including corridors, etc. It is recommended to use a partial paving, otherwise it is difficult to control the overall coordination of the decoration. The background wall is fully affixed and the area of the background wall is not large. The entire wall is paved with wallpaper to make the wall decoration more reasonable. The restaurant is suitable for local embellishment, which will make the restaurant too grand and easy to soil the wallpaper.

Third, pay attention to details do not fall into the maintenance of errors

Do not believe that wallpaper wallpaper can be once and for all, in fact, the daily maintenance and cleaning of the wallpaper is essential. Doing a good job of wallpaper maintenance can make your home wall look like new, so you must avoid the mistakes of wallpaper maintenance.

1, regular ventilation and dampness

Many people will have such misunderstandings, think that the space for paving wallpaper should always be ventilated and breathable, so that the wind to the wallpaper can prevent the wallpaper from becoming moldy. The results not only did not control moldy conditions, but also caused the wallpaper to crack.

Xiaobian Weapons: Maintaining indoor ventilation in a timely manner is an important means of maintaining the wallpaper. However, ventilation needs to be selected for the right time. In spring, it is rainy. Ventilation will only increase the amount of water vapor in the room and the wallpaper will be more prone to moisture. Dry autumn, often open the window so that the wallpaper is easy to dry, in particular, just paste good wallpaper, but also can not be long-term ventilation, so that instead the glue quickly dried, resulting in wallpaper bubbles, cracks and other issues.

2, regular light sterilization

Due to its own material problems, wallpapers are prone to bacterial growth, especially in rainy springs and hot summers. Many people believe that light can effectively kill bacteria. Indeed, plenty of sunlight can effectively kill bacteria, but long-term illumination of the wallpaper will cause the wallpaper to fade, affecting the overall effect.

Xiao Bian Weapons: Wallpaper sterilization is very simple, to the bacteria-prone season, you can put some camphor powder or pepper in the corner of the paving wallpaper, this can kill harmful bacteria, insect moisture, do not have to constantly wallpaper in the light In the environment.

3, Bleach clean wallpaper stains

The stain on the wallpaper is the biggest headache for many people. Many people think that the use of bleach can remove the wallpaper stains. Although the effect of bleach is very significant, but the destruction of the wallpaper can not be ignored. Frequent use of bleach will partially discolor or even damage the wallpaper.

Xiao Bian Weapon: For different wallpaper stains, we need to use different methods, not bleach can pass through the world. Dust is generally used to sweep dusters; watercolor pens, pencils, juices and other stains with soapy water can be clear; oil, soup, you need to use a special wallpaper cleaner to clean. This targeted cleaning is the best maintenance of wallpaper.

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