Wallpaper pattern paste skills

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Most wallpapers have the problem of pattern and flower on the edge of the banner, so you must understand the pattern of the wallpaper on the wallpaper before cropping the banner. The types of flowers are horizontally arranged patterns, diagonally arranged patterns, and patterns without flowers. The horizontally arranged pattern means that the pattern of the same step on the wallpaper is the same and appears in a repeated manner along the horizontal direction of the wallpaper. The main point of this pattern for flowers is that the first wallpaper should be pasted vertically to prevent the patterns from being arranged obliquely on the wall. 2 Oblique alignment pattern means that the flower points between the two wallpapers are not on a horizontal line. The pattern on the edge of the wallpaper is often part of the entire pattern, and the patterns are arranged obliquely. 3 Patterns without flowers are mostly vertical or textured patterns. The feature is that in order to prevent the hue or texture of the wallpaper surface from changing too abruptly, it is necessary to change the order of attaching the wallpapers of the respective banners or the upper and lower ends of the banners to be reversed in order to prevent the hue or texture of the wallpaper surface from obviously changing.

Generally, a roll of wallpaper is temporarily fixed on the wall, and then another wallpaper is used to move up and down along the edge of the front wallpaper until the pattern of the front wallpaper naturally matches to the next wallpaper. If it is found that there is no pattern transition and anastomosis when moving, it is proved that such patterns do not require the pattern of flowers.

The key to the pattern of the wallpaper is how to determine the correct position of the pattern on the top of the wall. However, because the top of the wall is more eye-catching than the bottom, it is important that which portion of the wallpaper pattern is located at the top of the wall to be more beautiful. In general, the upper part of the last line of the pattern on the top of the wallpaper is located on the wall. The top is ideal, so that even if the roof is somewhat inclined, the pattern is not too positive and it will not be noticeable. If the center of the topmost pattern of the first wallpaper is arranged on the top of the wall and the ceiling is tilted, the position of the top pattern of the back wallpaper will be greatly changed, which will make the inclination of the ceiling more prominent, which will affect the appearance. .

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